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  1. MX Mozy

    Guess im a Kawi rider now...

    Nice Kawi. Nice Graphics. Nice Price! Enjoy!
  2. MX Mozy

    Bad Crash Erased My Confidence!! Help??

    Wow HONDBEACH!!... I feel like I just got a whippen from my daddy!! LOL!!!
  3. MX Mozy

    Riding at Racetown this Saturday 11/18

    Okay..my bad...SATURDAY I might meet you there...depending on the situation with the freeway closures...I did two 4 hour drives last weekend (friday and saturday ) just to ride at comp edge and that sucked....
  4. MX Mozy

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Yeah...the Monster Kit was pretty popular...but since it was so darn expensive...it's stayin!
  5. MX Mozy

    Riding at Racetown this Saturday 11/18

    That sounds good...I would love to give it a try!! Friday is probably better than Saturday due to less traffic on the tracks...I have never riden my RM on a track yet, only the KX250F...but I might just bring em both...I just have to ride very cautiously due to that baaaaad crash I had at Comp Edge. Head is still goin WOOOOOSHIE...and leg is still really tender...but I want to try to give it a gooooo....
  6. MX Mozy

    Bad Crash Erased My Confidence!! Help??

    Believe me, I go every weekend and try to just DO IT...and I come up to the NASTY jump where I crashed and I turn off the track!! EVERY DARN TIME!! I wish it were that easy.
  7. ...and my GREEN KX250F isn't too bad!! But my favorite bike is my new RM250!
  8. I dunno about that, ridered50230....I kinda think my YELLOW ride is rather nice!!
  9. MX Mozy

    06 RM Reviews?

  10. MX Mozy

    Riding at Racetown this Saturday 11/18

    How far is that from Comp Edge..??? If I come out there would you guys help me start my bike? (RM250 or KX250F...don't know yet which one I will bring)... I am recovering from a bad crash and don't have complete use of my right leg. But I love to ride.
  11. MX Mozy

    Bad Crash Erased My Confidence!! Help??

    I am taking in all your words and experiences to heart and I am not going to give up!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement!
  12. MX Mozy

    Bad Crash Erased My Confidence!! Help??

    I usually ride at Comp Edge and sometimes Elsinore. They both have the little tracks there as well and thats where I usually end up. I have always been one to get back on and ride after every fall but for some reason that last crash has mentally just zapped my confidence. I did hit my head pretty hard too and I think maybe that has something to do with it. I won't give up tho.
  13. MX Mozy

    Bad Crash Erased My Confidence!! Help??

    I thought explaining my situation would work too, but, for instance...last weekend I was attempting to start my bike (RM250) with torn knee ligaments, and I wanted to do it myself really bad and the guys parked next to me started laughing...and I looked over and said can you please help me...then one guy says " if you can't start it - you can't ride it " so I told him I just got off crutches and I don't have my leg strength yet..he still laughed as if I was making excuses...it bummed me out....alot..not to mention I am still struggling with the loss of my brother last year to a moto accident...but I try not to wear that on my sleve at the track....thanks for listening!!