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  1. iLovemyZ

    quad vs dirtbike

    I believe back in the day a magazine did a shootout between the Yamaha YZ 250 and Tri-Z 250, they lined them up, dropped the gates, and the trike beat the bike to first corner everytime. Oh and out at the sand at pismo, there were 450 quads and 450 bikes racing each other. At the start, the quads got the advantage. At half -3/4 hill the bikes caught back up and were neck and neck. By the end the bikes were about a 1-2 bike lengths ahead. Then this guy on a LT500 pulls up, this is one of the nicest quadzillas I've ever seen. Very clean, all it had was a pipe and paddles. They raced....he comes racing to the top of the hill first.....what seemed like 2 seconds later come the 450 bikes and quads. It was awesome, nothing like that authoritive roar of that 500cc pinger!
  2. iLovemyZ

    06 Crf450 Top Speed

    I believe the numbers from Dirtrider were recorded from the dyno. In reality, most of the times, you aren't going to see 50+mph, off-road or track.
  3. iLovemyZ

    Top speed

    Well, i'll stick to what I think is approximately the real speed. Just know that 64 mph is FLYING on any offroad machine be it dirtbike, quad, threewheeler, or other because it certainly isn't slow
  4. iLovemyZ

    Top speed

    Hi to you all! This is my first post and, well, after sorting through the post, this is the closest probably most realistic speed for the quad