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  1. txncanada

    300xc power on tricky Hill climbs

    Looks like I am off to get some 5.1 brake fluid and some syringe.
  2. txncanada

    300xc power on tricky Hill climbs

    I was thinking the same bout the clutch being worn.(2nd owner) I am now wondering how many hours are people getting out of a clutch. Not to sure on bleeding the hyd. clutch, ziptie the lever open over night? Can't really pump the clutch up like brakes. Suggestions!
  3. When I get toward the top of the hill and start to clutch more It feels like the clutch is all or nothing. No modulation. Is my hyd. clutch wore out or heat making it go away? Has anyone else seen this?
  4. thanks all, I just got done reading how big the 450X feels in the woods and on the rocks. Suspension is hard to dial in! Damn there is a great one here locally. Would love to find a 300XC but no dice. Read they are super reliable and easy to ride. Note taken bout the endurance. I anit saying I am mister muscles but I anit afraid of a big bike is all I am saying. Back to researching the WR450.
  5. Thanks that is what I was thinking. Benching 320lbs for a few years now without working out. I have ridden some fun bikes but never an all out snot monster. I am pretty level headed for the most part. So, Will an older 4 stroke be a better mule than a older two stoke? I can't wait much longer it is killing me. The girls are riding RED.
  6. I am 36 years old 6'3, weight 250 lbs. and wanting to get back into MX. We will be doing some spirted riding and exploring the Rocky mountains near Calgary. I rode/raced MX at the tender age of 7 till I was 10. Been on and off bikes all my life some dogs and some fast ones. I have never purchashed a true MX bike for myself. I have got a couple of daughters riding and now it is time for me to find a bike. I will be exploring solo and taking the ducklings out for weekend excursions. My question is what will fit me and my riding style. I was going to spend 3 to 5k on a used bike. Then possiably get the suspension tuned depending on cost. Some of the bikes around here are in my range but not sure if they are right for me. Let me know what you think I am all ears..... 04 CRF450 06 WR450 05 EXC200 2 stroke (read they are good?) 06 CR250 Are these close.
  7. txncanada

    New to the Pee-Wee scene

    Thanks all. I guess we will finish out the riding season on the CRF 50 and possiably go KTM next.
  8. txncanada

    New to the Pee-Wee scene

    Last try ooopppppss
  9. txncanada

    New to the Pee-Wee scene

    Here she is! http://s73.photobucket.com/albums/i222/txncanada/?action=view&current=bike15.jpg
  10. txncanada

    New to the Pee-Wee scene

    I am another new dad to kids on minis. CRF 50 and 8yr daughter. The bike is small but she can JUST flat foot it. My reasoning was she can manhandle it. Is this wrong? Hates riding in the fields but loves the track/no rutts. It is darting around on the fields. She has built up her confidince quickly but had a couple good get offs and bruises at the track just putting over the whoops and such. Should we step up to a 70 already? She really wants what all the boys have KTM 50!
  11. txncanada

    There seem to be a lot of lurkers

    long time lurker, big time RED fan. Guess I should introduce myself. I am a older guy that used to race tri,cycles when he was younger (thanks dad) and has riden off and on again for my whole life. I have moved from my sweet home of Tejas to a neat place in Canada, called Alberta. Lots of scenery,back roads and riding ares.. Alot of the lurking is being done by me. Has been for a couple months. I am working on the wife for a Dual sport. She is the boss! As I am a student now. I left my two jobs and my hobby at home in a storage building. I need to tinker in a bad way. My tenative plan is to tour around the rivers/streams and flyfish the hard to get too places. My vehicle of choice was a XR-R till I starting reading more on the XR-L's. The dang carb threads on the R and the starting sequences is geting to me. Bottom line the kid in me is looseing out. I am looking at traveling and having FUN on a Dualsport that is Honda. I would hate sacrificing fun for durability as I will be in remote areas solo. PS I luv reading the R vs L threads. cuz I am stuck on the fence waiting for the right bike to pop up. Which ever bike it is. lurker no.mo
  12. txncanada

    Diesel VS Gas Debate

    can't beleive I just read all that! and on a motorcycle forum.... must be the cummins out in the garage.. This noob's two cents: gas or diesel If you need to tow some weight and justify a 3/4 or 1 ton truck then get a diesel. IMHO..Or if in the future you plan on towing go diesel. FWIW: I pull a 7k lbs. travel trailer in the rockies. The extra truck weight/brakes are what did it for me.
  13. txncanada

    Green Dot Ride - 03-25-2006

    Nice ride. Looks a bit bumpy. I like how you could see the rain go back and forth in the back ground. The sky looks huge out there.
  14. txncanada

    Metal Gas Tank for the "L"?

    I was just asking about registering a XR650R here is Alberta Canada for the street. One of there reasons for not allowing the bike on the road is they do not allow plastic thanks on the roads that are not in between frame rails or protected by metal. He said street bikes with plastic tanks are protected. That being said...He also said it might be posiable to register it. He knows of a few on the road.