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  1. XracerX

    CR250 Crank Rebuild?

    $239 from Service Honda, and I figure $20 for shipping. Not too bad I suppose.
  2. XracerX

    CR250 Crank Rebuild?

    I bought a nice, low-time 95' CR250 a couple years ago from the original owner that I've been slowly restoring into a McGrath tribute bike. The bottom end was tight and I had no intention of rebuilding it, but I had it apart for a new top end. I started re-assembly last night and found that even though the engine had been shrink-wrapped with clean rags in the cases for the past 2 years, the big-end bearing had rusted and is now binding. A couple questions; 1) Does anyone know where I can have the OE crank rebuilt with CARE? I don't want an aftermarket crank, and Honda wants a small fortune for a new one. I'm in Michigan, if that helps. 2) Since I'll have the cases apart, I'd like to have them cleaned up to look "factory" fresh...what's the process to restore cases to have that new, jeweled look to them? Thanks.
  3. XracerX

    tt-r110 jets?

    Perfect, thanks. I intend to leave it stock as far as the exhaust and intake goes, I just want to get rid of the ultra-lean condition on the bottom end.
  4. XracerX

    tt-r110 jets?

    I need to fatten up the pilot on my Son's 110, but I don't need the whole jet kit as the bike is stock otherwise. Anyone know where I can buy just the 14.5 pilot jet? I checked jetsrus.com and they don't list the 110 on their site. Thanks.
  5. XracerX

    ttr 110 oil change

    It takes 800cc's, and there is no filter....
  6. XracerX

    1-800-collect honda cr 96 graphics

    Bump. The 95-96 Team Honda replica graphics are listed on the Throttle Jocky website now...
  7. XracerX

    3 holes in rim...which is for what?

    Thanks...I shoulda thought of that.
  8. So I'm restoring an old (95') CR250 and just got around to re-assembling the freshly re-anodized stock D.I.D wheels and mounting new tires. Strange thing tho....the rims have 3 holes...2 are the same size and one is slightly larger. The little black rubber plug fits into one of the smaller holes, so my question is: Which hole does the rim lock go into....the larger or the smaller hole? It will fit either, and maybe it doesn't matter, but I can't help thinking they're that way for a reason! I've never run into this with other bikes, so maybe it's an older Honda thing? Of all the disassembly photos I took, I never thought I'd need a close-up of the rims....
  9. XracerX

    1-800-collect honda cr 96 graphics

    Practice bike versus race bike? Pretty sure he ran the white fender in 96' and red in 95'
  10. XracerX

    1-800-collect honda cr 96 graphics

    Check out the photos of my 95' in my profile. Still had all the stock graphics, tires, handlebars, sprockets, etc when I bought it last year. It was rough, as in ridden and put away wet, but the nice thing is that it's never had a wrench layed to it...the guy just rode it. That means none of the nuts, bolts and screws are mashed up...everything is just as it was on day 1. I took it apart carefully, had the frame blasted and re-powder-coated, had the stock wheels re-anodized and re-laced with new spokes. I'm in the process of re-assembly now, and with what I've spent on new OEM bearings, seals, gaskets, clamps, fasteners and other detail items, I could have bought a new 450! But this bike is a rare find and I've known it's history and how it runs (hands down the healthiest 250 I've ever ridden), so I don't mind. But...I don't like the looks of the 95', so I'm "turning it into" a 96' and I plan to use the TJ 1800Collect graphics if I can get them. I've already sold the purple shrouds, but I have a nice purple seat cover if anyone's interested!
  11. XracerX

    1-800-collect honda cr 96 graphics

    I'd be in for a couple sets if the price is reasonable....
  12. XracerX

    1-800-collect honda cr 96 graphics

    I'd be interested in these graphics also. I've been restoring my 96' for over 2 years now! I have 3 young sons and I'm pretty busy with them and keeping their mini's running, so I only get to tinker with the old CR as time allows. I've had the frame stripped and re-powder coated, had the wheels re-anodized and re-laced with new spokes and I can't believe how nice they turned out. The motor is on the bench now being rebuilt with new fasteners and covers, even buffing up the cases the way the factory guys did back then! I've spent enough money on this bike so far...I could have had a year-old 450! But like the thread-starter, I'll never part with it....there's just something special about the 96' CR. I have everything in my hands now except a new fuel tank and decent graphics. I've been told the OEM graphics are no longer available, and I dread the thought of using any of the other stuff I've seen (with the exception of the 1800Collect stuff). Maybe I'll call TJ next week to see what they can do.
  13. XracerX

    DR650: What's your REAL top speed?

    99', stock w/ trailwings, DJ kit and snorkel removed, 84mph on the GPS is the fastest I've seen. I've never really held it to the stop for very long though, so I'm guessing it's good for around 90 flat-out.
  14. XracerX

    Which GSXR Muffler?

    Thanks Rob, great info. I think I'll pass on that huge 04' can and look for an 01'. I just thought that the 04' can might be quieter, but I can see it would be a bear to get on there compared to the smaller one.
  15. XracerX

    Which GSXR Muffler?

    I've always liked the quiet stock exhaust on my 99' DR650, but after several people merged right over into my lane on me this summer, I've decided that I want something a little louder. Ebay is loaded with stock used GSXR muffflers, so I think I'll start there. Which model year / size is the easiest to make work? A friend offered me the stock can from his 04' GSX-R750, but the thing looks huge...I don't see how it would fit without hanging waaay out the back of the bike. Even then, the diameter seems too big to clear the number plate.