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  1. rbaillar

    Which Steering Stabilizer for an 00 426?

    i can only comment on the gpr cause thats all i have used, i love mine. i heard the scotts has high and low speed dampenig where the gpr has only one. personally, im not so picky and just want simple dampenig. gpr also offers 3 models. i live close to the gpr building and can say the guys are really nice and will service your damper any time for free and they even replaced my knob and arm for free. so maybe if you live close to any of the manufactures that might be a plus.
  2. rbaillar

    handling of yzf 450

    I am currently in the position to swap out my 250 two stroke for a 450. i want the 06 yzf450 but its too much $. Ive ridden 400S and 426S and like them, but after ridding a crf 450 i know i want a 450(probably not honda, the valve issues scare me). the steel frame yzf450 would be ideal, but all i hear is that they are top heavy donkeys(even more than the 400/426). if anyone has any comments about the handling of the yzf450 in comparison with the 400/426/crf450 or with no caparison i would greatly appreciate it.