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  1. husky250

    Quad for my girlfriend $1200 range

    I would say go for the Honda 250ex, especially if she has never ridden. My girlfriend has an '03 trx250ex and she loves it. She had never ridden a quad of a motorcycle before, and has never driven a manual car. Everyone told her to get a 400 or larger, but my dad(who rides) and I suggested the 250. Sure, it cant keep up with a 400+ quad, let alone any full size bike, but she is not scared to ride it, especially since she only gets to a couple times a year due to school. It can make it up most of the sand hills that we go to with the right finesse and is dead reliable. Not to mention lighter, smaller(easier to store and haul), and runs all day on less than a tank of gas. I am huge on not over buying bikes. I don't like the argument that buying bugger later is a hassle. Its the "better to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow" theory. Funny thing is, I really like riding it too. Not quite as thrilling of a ride as my 520 but still plenty fast to have a lot of fun. Ok, I'm done with my rant
  2. husky250

    Kinda screwed up: seeking advice

    Well I called JD and got it all squared away, ordered a rebuild kit that should have all the new O-rings and stuff. So when that gets here I should be on my way to getting it running again.
  3. Sorry in advance for the long post! Still kinda venting a little. So today I pulled out my carb and dis-assembled it for cleaning. Cleaned out everything and went to put it back together, discovered my idle mixture screw o-ring was torn, not too big of a deal, I thought. Then came the worse part... My slide was sticking. When I was blasting it out with carb cleaner I didn't think about all the o-ring and seals I didn't take out. The seal in the slide I believe has swollen and is making the slide fit tight. So, Here I am now. I think it would be best to replace all the rubber bits in my carb. I have been able to find 2 kits. Some places have a "carb rebuild/repair kit" for around $180, which supposedly includes all seals and screws. Some only have a "gasket set", for $110, but theres no description. Has anyone ever ordered one of these kits? I am trying to find out which one has what I want/need to rebuild this thing. Thanks!
  4. husky250

    fork seals

    I just rebuild mine this last weekend. Its really not that hard(I have never rebuild forks before).I needed a 17mm open end wrench, an 18mm socket, a flat blade screwdriver and a seal driver. I ended up making my own seal driver because I'm too poor for the real one lol. There are 2 videos on youtube that I found helpful, search for "fork seal replacement cartridge type" and they should pop up.
  5. husky250

    super stiff forks

    Sorry but I have a stupid question lol.. Which clickers are for rebound and which are for compression damping? Thanks
  6. husky250

    super stiff forks

    Well I ordered new seals and bushings, so as soon as they come in I will put them back together and see how she does.
  7. husky250

    super stiff forks

    Awesome thank you!
  8. husky250

    super stiff forks

    Do you need special tools to change out the bushings and seals? I have looked everywhere for instructions on how to rebuild them but i can't find anything.
  9. husky250

    super stiff forks

    I pulled the forks completely out to look at them. for one the left seal is leaking really bad, and it also feels like there is "play" between the fork slider and tube. like I can move it and feel it wiggle. I'm guessing this is probably worn bushings?
  10. husky250

    super stiff forks

    I just tried that and re torqued everything and its still the same, and the axle looks good.
  11. husky250

    super stiff forks

    Hey guys, I have a 1999 YZ250 and the forks are really stiff. The guy I bought it from said the forks and shock were rebuilt and revalved. The shock feels good but the forks are terrible. I have the compression clicker all the way out(and air bled) but they beat me up. I almost can't get them to go past 2/3 travel even on jumping. And on sharp stutter bumps they barely seem to move(by looking at the forks where the seals wipe dust). Also they front wheel shakes side to side and doesn't bite very well when turning. The only thing I have done was try to re-align the forks in the tubes. Where should I go from here? If this is of any use I weight about 160 with gear and ride trails and desert. No MX or large jumps. So I would like to make it ride more plush(like my XR650R was, like riding a couch lol) if that is possible. Sorry I don't know much about suspension, I hope that wasn't too confusing lol.. Thanks!
  12. i broke one of those on my 650R also. i wasnt using a torque wrench but it broke very easily. i was using a stubby 1/4 ratchet and barely tightening them, they must be really weak bolts or something. fortunately it just broke and wasnt frozen up. i could still grab it with a pair of pliers and get it out. now i run SS screws for the cover.
  13. husky250

    Show your PIG

    my street legal Xr650R. just mounted and wired up dual 5" headlights and a windshield. makes it so nice on the street. Eventually I will get a low front fender and a larger tank.. but for now im out of money lol
  14. husky250

    Dual Sport Tire

    i like my GP110's.. cant comment on wear yet but they grip the road pretty well. and are ok for just cruising down dirt trails. ive had my bike leaned over pretty far canyon carving and they handle fine.
  15. husky250

    KLX300R Carb problem

    hmm i already pulled it and cleaned it.. so maybe something else get stuck in it? well ill check that first when i get time to in the meantime any other ideas are appreciated. thanks for your reply