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  1. mn1

    exaust valve

    Thanks a lot, I just ordered the shim.
  2. mn1

    exaust valve

    I just checked the valves for the first time after 200 miles on my 2006 250x. The intake valves and the right exhaust valve are fine. The Measured Clearence of the left exhaust was 0.008" which is under the minimum. The measured shim is 2.65 mm. I calculated the new shim size and it should be 2.57. The problem is that there is no shim with this size. The nearest size is 2.50 mm. What sould I do?
  3. I have a 2006 crf250x. I've opened the airbox and changed the original exaust to pro circuit t-4. What changes should I do with the jettings?