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  1. avo73

    DRZ400S questions

    Just putting my two cents in. I read this site for a year before deciding what bike to buy. I purchased my SM in march of 06 and haven't regreted it yet. It just turned 3000 miles which might not sound like much but I'm only 5 miles from work and 8 to the cabin, so I ride it as much as I can. The only performance mods are the DJ kit and the 3x3. I'm consistantly hitting 100 miles before reaching the reserve. I'm probably 90/10 road vs. off. It will handle gravely roads and hard pack trails great, not a whole lot of options in northern Illinois. The only complaints I quess I have is 1. the seats gets hard 2. lack of storage, I will usually strap a milk crete to the rack for my cabin runs. 3. Wind protection = none. I bought the cee bailys windscreen for it. Dont hate it, but not exactly pleased either. I'm tall so the wind still pegs me in the face. I think the SM is a great in town commuter. One last thing, I wish I would put DIRTBIKE on the license plate, it gets pretty old trying to explain the whole motard thing at the stop lights. Hope this helps this is great site for all the information you will ever need for the DRZ.
  2. avo73

    TT Ride at Walnut Reminder

    Sounds like a nice Sunday drive. I have a 06 400SM, and have never been to a TT meet. Is this for Motor X'ers only, or will there be a trail ride of some sorts. Either way it would ok to check out. Hope to make it
  3. avo73

    whats the gas mileage on a drz400

    Just adding my two cents. I'm mostly in town riding and its always high 50's. I'm going out of town after work so, I stopped to top it off. Trip read 97.7 miles and I put in 1.58 gallons, that equals 61.83 mpg. I honestly can't believe it, but shes pretty consistent. All I've done to her, is the 3x3 and DJ kit.
  4. avo73

    Newbie jetting a carb

    Just for a vote of confidence, I also bought a SM this spring and was in your situation. I used the information in the link on the last post. The bike fired right up without missing a beat. The hardest part is getting the carb out of the bike. Go ahead and dive in, you'll love the difference it makes. This is great site.
  5. How would a person in the United States go about ordering the suzuki SM specific rack thats sold in the UK?
  6. Hi guys, Just throwing out an update to thank everyone for their help. I did the 3x3 and DJ kit (150/25 second clip) and man what a difference. I haven't had a chance to top it out yet, but around town theres a great improvement. My new tail light is on its way for Fathers day, aren't kids great. Never mind the fact its coming from my wallet. Its sometimes funny the way we can justify our toys. Again, thanks to all for the help.
  7. I did notice the reference number difference, didn't know what it meant. Anyhow, thats exactly what I did. I used the link posted, added to cart, then delete the DJ kit. I can hardly wait to get this installed. Again guys, thanks for help. This is a great site. Next project will be the tail light conversion. I think the DRC edge looks awesome. Is that all one kit, or is the light and bracket sold separately?
  8. I don't mean to bore you, but. The TT store list the a part number for the S not the SM, which is 19-3110. Posts have read I need DJ kit number 3110. Are these the same? I have the above parts sitting in my cart, just want the confidence to push the button......
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for all your help. I'll be ordering tonight.
  10. So, part#3110 will give me everything I need? Do I need extra jets, needles, etc.? What about the extended fuel screw, do I need this also.
  11. Hi People, Newbie here, looking for advise on jet kits. There's so much info on this site its crazy. I'm not worried about installing the kit, I'm worried about putting the wrong one in. I see dynojet does not have a specific SM kit, but FMF does. Is that all I need. Hoping someone could tell me what I need for a successful installation. My elevation is around 600', I will do the 3x3 mod, and for now I plan on keeping the stock exhaust. Thanks
  12. avo73

    Another 3X3 Success

    Hey, thanks for your help. I didn't see the search options at the top. I knew their had to be more than two pages of products. Although, I only found a DJ kit for the 400s up to 2005 (part#19-3110). Isn't there a kit specifically made for the 06 SM? It sounds like I should get a extended fuel screw and the float bolts, agree? One more thing, I thought I read additional main jets my be needed to be purchased extra. If thats true, where do you find them and what are the part numbers? My elevation is around 600'. These are my first posts, so bare with me. I've e-mailed Burned privately with no returns, but that doesn't I didn't mess that up also. Thanks Again
  13. avo73

    Another 3X3 Success

    Is the TT store hard to navigate thru, or is it just me. I can't seem to find the jet kits.
  14. avo73

    Another 3X3 Success

    Congrats on your sucess. I own an 06 SM and think I'm ready to try this these mods also. Do I just go to the TT store and purchase Dynojet kit for the SM and thats all I need? Are the instructions really clear on how to install the jet kit? Did you keep your stock pipe?