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  1. it's a 2009 250en ... but i've started the thread backwards ...i have already changed the springs BUT ...there is a big but ...before the spring changing and the revalving ,my suspension was stiff and without feeling , my suspension guy told me that the stiffness comes from the fact that my weight leaves no travel for the suspenion to work ... ok ,so we've changed the springs and revalved it so, the flawed set up marzocchi fork to work fine... and since them the mess begun ...at the first short scrambled style rides , the suspension felt harder than before (though both rebound and compression are almost fully soft) but some feeling was reaching my hands ...at full attack riding , the suspension was giving some feedback , but when it comes to enduro the thing can not be ridden...even the smallest rock push the front wheel away ...and after a 70-80klm ride , my hands are about to explode(and i'm in pretty good shape)not to talk about a 120-140 klm race ...D.N.F. the guy who did the suspension support than there is nothing wrong with the suspension , but i need to change my riding style ,or to change the bike ,because the motocross genes of the bike is what causes all my troubles... and a second opinion guy tells me that i need to go back to the oem springs ... what's your opinion ??? notice that i don't know revalving set up , the guy who did it is adreani dealer
  2. we all know tha the marzocchi 50mm forks on the TM'S ,have a very stiff feeling ...they are pretty hard ...but i'm about 100kilos or 220 pound ... for my weight ,is it necesary to change to harder springs , or i can make the suspension work just by adjusting it
  3. type one for about 20 years now ... by experience the only safe counterbalance is working out ... the protein diets are good ,but for a short time ,just to get control is you go high ...in long term are very bad for the kidney's ...
  4. while searching and finally found a vertex piston ,i've heard more than once a rumour that no more vertex for the tm's ... rumour or a fact?
  5. i'm 90% confident that the oem tm pistons are made by asso and not vertex
  6. life was so much simplier with only two piston choices so i suppose ,gg250 must have 2ringed pistons which i can fit ?
  7. wayyyyyyyyyy to many...i'm very curious about the piston and the ring condition ... with the 2 ringed piston you definetely have a loss at the top end ,but don't you gain some power at lower rpm? does the vertex piston needs drilling? except the cost factor ,which pisotn is better , the oem or the vertex
  8. happy new year everybody ...i need help ,i want to know what choices do i have for piston for my 2t 250en 2009. i only have found the one ring oem piston at the extreme price of 220euros... any other recommendations...
  9. mine is a 250en 2009 with a grimeca master cylinder... it's wayyyyy to heavy and with no feeling ... i can't go slow controling with the clutch ...so i've started examine my alternatives
  10. if the grimeca master cylinder ,be replaced with a brembo,is the pull going to get any lighter?
  11. hi guys...lately i'm using my kx 125 '03 for scramble race(meaning a mix of enduro and mx) ...kx rules but at low and mid rpm is weak... what upgrades do you suggest to increase the hp specially at low-mid without increasing the cc???? thanx in advance guys
  12. any links guys???
  13. can i have the 03 service mamual -manual too ...PLEASSSSEEE
  14. michelin pilot slic