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  1. Looks the same...
  2. Yeah, It's a really nice bike. I still own it. Check out some videos with it: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=wheeliedevil&aq=f
  3. My ride for 2008 is now finnished. I've owned this bike for two years now and I'm very pleased with it. What's new for this season is: Industrial paint (I don't know the english word for it, but it's hard as hell) on the frame and yokes. New shimsetting in the rear shockabsorber. ASV billet clutch with hotstarter. Aim laptimer, to make trackdays more fun. Only the neccesary is left of the electrical system. A few new stickers. The front exhaust system is wrapped with exhaust bandage. Everything has been assembled and overhauled.
  4. Yes, I have a titanium header. So I placed mine in the rear stainless part. Above the svingarm just behind the rear suspension. See earlier picture.
  5. It had about 130hp @ rear wheel before. I build this bike to stay in one piece so I decided not to take out "more than" 230hp @ rear wheel after. But that was just about enough. A frien of mine drives a BMW car and he drove next to me on the freeway in 230km/h when I just use the throttle to pop up a wheelie
  6. Actually not. With two little kids and a full time job time is one of the things that I don't have too much of. This is "therapy" for me to getaway from everything and focus on something else. This is actually a "small" project compared to a CBR929 that I converted to a RC211V turbo Rossi replica 2002-2003. I spent over 1000hours on that bike and updated colours and changed to carbs from injection to season 2. Check pics from first season here: http://www.sporthoj.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1855 and second (update) here:http://www.sporthoj.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27772 Completed bike pics in the middle of page 5. That's ONE HELL OF A PROJECT!!! Lucky me that I got really good payed for it when I sold it.
  7. The wheight of the bike is now measured. Full gastank, oil and water = ready to race = 119Kg/262Pounds
  8. Here's my bike for 2007. If anybody missed the thread about it's buildprocess you can see it here
  9. No, that akra is originally from a Honda SP1. It's shortened a bit and it's a very nice sound from it. Not loud and screaming at all. Plus that it let's out the exhausts very well. I'll be carful filling the tank but so far I havn't had any problems with this.
  10. Here's some better outdoor pics.
  11. FINNISHED!! (Is spring about to come soon??) I'll post better pics when I can get it out in the light. It's raining and snowing here right now. Thank you all for watching and if you have any question or comments just post them and I'll reply asap.
  12. After an hours work with the heatgun and a thumb that no longer has a fingerprint the graphics is in place on the wings.
  13. Thanks for that! Actually I even counting on crashing with it. I lost counting of how many times I crashed last year..
  14. Come to thinks about it. Perhaps you wonder why I choosed signal yellow rimstripes when nothing else on the bike is in this color. When I choosed them I saw the complete picture. It's becourse I have a blue, black and white Spyke leathersuit with signal yellow kneesliders and my name on the back in the same color. So When I ride the bike I see those things match.
  15. The new graphics.. Clean but not stock. Just the way I want it! View from the "cockpit" with the aluminium/plastic barkbusters mounted to make sure that my ISR cylinder survives crashes.