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  1. jbobst

    CRF250L/M Seat Upgrades and Options

    Finally got a little extra cash, and want to do a seat upgrade. I hate this stock seat. A friend of mine recently got the seat concepts kit, and let me try it out. I like it, but I am leaning toward spending the extra money and ordering a Corbin. Anyone out there with a Corbin seat for their CRF250L? How does it do for long day ride and long highway stretches? How does it compare to the seat concepts seat? I know the corbin is quite a bit more money, but I am so tired of this stock seat and want the best seat option available. Would love any feedback. Thanks!
  2. jbobst

    After market Chain Guide?

    Yes, I am talking about the lower guide. I still have my stock rear sprocket. Will the CRF150 guide still work with the smaller stock sprocket?
  3. Broke off my stock chain guide last weekend and was wondering if anyone has found an alternative to the OEM chain guide for their CRF250L. The stock one is inexpensive, but it was barely my third off road ride and it already broke. I hesitate to put another stock one back on just to have it break off again. Thanks for any advice!
  4. jbobst

    New owner - Question about riding groups

    Thanks for the "where 2 ride" link. I haven't checked that out before. However, I am very familiar with central/eastern Arizona areas, and have ridden all over the place around here. There are a bunch of great places I've ridden in the past, and a lot of places I still want to explore. I have to say that other than the summer heat, Arizona is a great place to ride with so much public land. I have a brother who lives in Texas...apparently there is very little public land there and very difficult to find places to ride (that isn't private).
  5. jbobst

    New owner - Question about riding groups

    Ah! I feel like an idiot...it still is there! Thanks for the link MentalGuru.
  6. Just bought a 2013 with 260 miles on it. I was a little concerned that with such few miles for a 2 year old motorcycle that it wasn't good for it to sit for so long, but it seems to run perfectly fine. After I rode it home, I went ahead and changed the oil and filter. The original filter had a few metallic shaving sprinkled in it, but they were tiny and I assume that's probably normal. I then took it up north to the forest area and put about 300 miles on it over the weekend (mostly highway miles to get to the forest areas of Northern Arizona). My butt was pretty sore after 300 miles on the stock seat though! I've read a bunch on this forum about various upgrades, but for now I am going to try and keep it simple and first get a skid plate, folding shift lever and hand guards. I am pretty happy with the stock performance, but really don't want to put too much money into it after just spending the money on the bike. My biggest question is, does anyone know of a place either on Thumper Talk or another online forum that has regional meet-up groups so I can find other guys/gals to ride with? A few years back I used to frequent Thumper Talk when I had a Suzuki DR650 and I thought I remember a "Southwest US" sub-forum area where I could meet other people in my area with similar bikes I did a few group rides with some local folks and really enjoyed it. I'd love to find some people locally who have CRF250's (or WR's or Kawasaki 250's) to go riding with on the weekends, but I couldn't find that sub-forum on TT. I live in the Phoenix Metro area (Arizona) and love the year round riding options and plentiful ride locations. It would be nice to find other people in my area to ride with occasionally.
  7. jbobst

    Looking to buy one...

    Thanks for the information guys. Looks like the 5K OTD is reasonble then. JKUK, in Arizona (where I live) there is just so much area to ride. Granted, I need to drive out of town for about an hour, but then it opens up very nicely. So in the UK, is everything privately owned and no public land to ride on? That's too bad. My brother moved to Texas, and you would think Texas would be ten times better than Arizona for riding dirt bikes/trail bikes, but apparently most of the land is privately owned there and there is hardly any public land to ride on.
  8. jbobst

    Looking to buy one...

    Couple of question before I purchase one. I saw a picture in one of the threads on this forum of this bike in a while/grey color scheme. Is that real and is it available? Second, I have a dealer selling the bike for $3999, plus about $1000 in fees (taxes, title, "administration" fee, destination charge). I certainly don't like the $1000 worth of fees and such. Is everyone paying this price (roughly) or are people able to get out the door pricing closer to the MSRP of $4499 or even less? Thanks!
  9. jbobst

    XR 650R - 2nd passenger?

    Thanks for the information. Yeah, I guess a "2nd passenger" isn't what I was meaning. Just need room for one passenger...not two!
  10. I am interested in getting an XR650L, mainly because it's fully street legal AND can "legally" carry a passenger. We have been stopped by forest service law enforcement before while carrying a second passenger on a quad that wasn't factory designed to carry a passenger, even though there was an aftermarket rear seat, back rest, etc (of course the after market rear seats claim that they are not to be occupied while riding of course). So, our family always wants to go trail riding while out camping. We need a place for my son and daughter to legally ride, and the 650L would do the trick, along with a Arctic Cat, Polaris or Can Am quad that is designed for two people for my wife and other child. There is an R for sale locally that looks pretty nice and is more in the price range I can afford right now. I am a previous Suzuki DR650 owner/rider, so I am looking to get back into riding a big thumper bike, but I think I want to go with the XR's instead of another DR. The R version looks even better for those solo rides. Can the 650L and R have the seat and rear foot pegs swapped or is the frame and other parts totally different on each bike? I would personally rather have the 650R, as I most often will be riding solo doing more technical rides. I just want that extra seat on the back and street legal qualities for the easy family rides. My question is probably answering itself, as the 650R was not designed from the factory to accommodate two up riding, so even if I could get an L seat and rear pegs, it still would probably be illegal to ride that way. Any thoughts?
  11. I was watching a 2008 XR650l on ebay last week...it only had a little over 600 miles on it (looked brand new) and it sold for $3650. It was on the east coast though, and I am in AZ. Didn't want to add the additional cost to fly and drive (or ship). But, it seemed like a pretty good deal for who ever the winning bid was. I have to agree that as I have been looking at various bikes to buy (Honda XR650L and Suzuki VStrom's), there are some good deals to be had, but MOST people just aren't coming down on their price! I have made plenty of "low" offers to people, but no one wants to come down it seems. My "low" offers are pretty realistic though, at least compared to what I am seeing being sold in other parts of the country. I am not in a hurry to buy, so I am just waiting for that deal to happen.
  12. The original tires are wearing out on my 2008 XT250, and I'd like to put on the recommended D605 tires soon. The problem is, my initial web searches aren't coming up with anything (a bunch of over seas stuff it seems). Has anyone purchased the D605's for their XT250 yet? Where did you get them, and what is a good price? Thanks!
  13. Anyone have a luggage rack with side panels for soft bag attachements for the XT250? I am also looking for a simple windshield and wondering if this will work: http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=&L2=&L3=&L4=&item=TUC_55-2901&tier2=68 Any thoughts? Thanks
  14. I was wondering if anyone has outfitted their 08 XT250's with any sort of new seat, and if so, has it helped? I am also interested in some sort of windscreen addition that I could mount to the handlebars or something like that. My current motorcycling goals are to play on the weekends at the many off road locations Arizona has to offer (perfect for the XT250) but yet be able to do "adventure" type of road trips as well. I know the XT is not really designed for Freeway use, so I would stick to the slightly slower state highways or out of the way sort of roads for my trips. I would like to be able to do 8-10 hours days of riding comfortably (if you can say 8-10 hours on anything is comfortable) but I just cannot handle the stock seat for that long, and a windscreen would sure help I would guess. I really need two bikes...my XT250 and a nice VStrom 1000 (or something like that). However, I can only have one bike, and I do more off roading than road trips at this point, and I need to keep the XT. If anyone had done any mods that helps the XT become somewhat a "touring" bike, I would love some suggestions! Thanks, Jeff
  15. jbobst

    New 2008 XT250 owner with some questions

    Chris, There is a LONG thread with a bunch of good information on the XT250...it's just long and takes forever to get through. I think the ticking noise you are hearing is the muffler. I hear a ticking sound while riding and when the engine is shut off...all coming from the muffler. I don't hear a hissing sound, so maybe you are talking about something else, but I think it's just the metal expanding in the heat? At least that is what makes noise on my bike. I am not sure what you mean by engine clatter...I don't think I have experienced anything like that. Although, if I am not in the right gear for the speed, there is that lurching if my gears are too low for the speed. I get a very bad front wheel wobble like many other owners, but I just haven't gone to the dealer for a replacement (if they'd even be willing to replace it) as I would think they would just give me the same sort of tire. I am just going to wait until it wears enough to warrant buying a new tire so I can change brands. I don't think I helped much...sorry!