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  1. Lets put it this way. You want to continue in this sport, protect your body. Look at CTI, for your knees for your wrists. Good Luck!
  2. Ok so I was looking to lighten things up. Thorina I think you are amazing. I love to see your side car photos. So I was in a light mood and mentioned a song I thought was hot. I think the thumpette forum is spectacular. We are ladies, sometimes it is about bikes and sometimes it is about the species. I am sorry if I offended you. I can assure you that I am no 12 year old. I am however someone that appreciates the sport, enjoys it with every ounce of my being. But it is all about the fun. And the way each one of us enjoys it.
  3. Love that new jam from the Kitty(Pus) Cats! Snoop Dog in the house!
  4. Aaaaahhhhhh Unidilla- just hearing the name, brings back memories!
  5. Cement starts and dirt starts require very different skills. Body position, seat position, knees and feet different action. Get yourself a technique video. Watch it carefully, a few times. And Practice!
  6. Without reading every post, so maybe I missed the answer.... What are you scared of? Getting hurt? Falling? The fear will interfere with your ability to ride at your best. You really have to get past it. Maybe you are thinking about it too much. Good Luck!
  7. If it was me... Egg Whites, no ketchup (sugar) Watch your high in sugar fruits Watch dried fruit Watch Deli meats that are high in salt Try to incorporate some fish Oatmeal Kashi Cereal And more vegetables
  8. Anyone being affected?
  9. Misunderstood, my apology!
  10. No longer impressed, yet you felt the need to respond? "Sarcastic" responses deleted, thanks Valerie. Sometimes there is just a thread that is female only. When you need some type of banana hammock we will dismiss ourselves quietly and let you obtain your advise from your male folk.
  11. 36D here, Moving Comfort Fiona Bra! It is high impact, moisture managed and has adjustable shoulder straps from the front. and I have seen them sold in sporting goods stores such as Dicks and Sports Authority. Truly the most comfortable and supportive sports bra I have ever owned. Champion has a good line too.
  12. Please put your shirt back on!
  13. First time I am seeing. I can't help but notice he had awful body position going into it. His ass came up and he was leaning so far forward. Thank god he is young.
  14. I was under the impression it was Toxic. I believe they sell Liquid Skin, and this is approved for this type of use.
  15. Push it and you run the risk of an injury. Work on your start, and the turns. Perfect your technique and the speed will come.