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  1. well gave it a shot and no luck. i turn the shifter shaft to the left and i think i see the inside upper part of the selector arm and turn to the right i see the lower but no spring arms in the middle of both. got a bad feeling the spring my have slid back off its position and is just hanging in there out of site.
  2. fixin to get into the garage now and give it a try. thanks
  3. cool thanks. do you think i would have a better chance if i lay the bike on its side?
  4. thanks. I saw that too. i have a shop manual on order.
  5. I have a 1987 xr250. like a dummy I removed this bolt just in front of the gear shift shaft. When it came out my shift lever fell like there is no tension on it. I'm guessing the bolt I took out held some kind of spring in place.. The bolt has threads on it close to the head then it tapers off to a smooth pin. I put the bolt back in but the gear lever just flops around. If I pull it all the way up it clicks and same for down. Any body know how I can replace this bolt correctly? thanks
  6. anybody have a fix for a leaky gas cap on a 76 husky wr360? the cap looks almost new but leaks like crazy.
  7. both good ideas. thanks
  8. anybody have an idea on where to relocate the horn(besides the trash can)on the 08 530 exc?
  9. sounds like a good idea. I will try that next time I change tires.
  10. I got them at the local harley shop. My friend owns it. It is just a shop for service but he told me to come on in and he would balance them for me for 10 bucks. they do come in black. thats the ones we used but we covered them with black duct tape also just incase they try to fly off. The weights are little flat squares with sticky tape on the back.
  11. it took me eight 1/4 oz. stick on wheel weights to balance the front wheel. 4 weights on each side of the spokes across from the rim lock. Then covered them with black duct tape. Same for the rear. No more craziness from the front end.
  12. does anybody know if the new 530 exc come with a throttle stop?
  13. cool, i will check it out. thanks
  14. does anybody have an idea on how to make the headlight on a 05 te510 any brighter. i think i have a 35w bulb. i was told that if i use anything stronger it would melt the headlight housing.