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  1. California

    I think the confusion arises from Moreno Valley vs Morongo Valley. Dave is in Morongo. I gave him a call and I think I am going to give him a shot
  2. California

    Not to Scottsdale AZ? I would guess that would closer to 5 hours.
  3. California

    Well, it does cost money to use the plane... so that weighs in as well. Scottsdale would be a 1.4 hour flight each way.
  4. California

    Contact info?
  5. California

    This will not get the suspension back in order.
  6. I am putting my KTM 300 back together after a long idle period. I want to have the forks and shock serviced (they have already been revalved and sprung). I used to live in the SF Bay area, and knew my options there but have little to no idea locally. Since I am going to have drive somewhere to get this done... I wanted to know options. I know about Racetech in Corona, but certainly there has to be more? Riverside, Temecula, whatever... Points given if location is near an airport as I will fly my airplane there to drop off parts instead of driving. Thanks for the help