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  1. have put a good 10-15hrs on my kxf and havent had a single problem. very responsive. my friend has a 06 crf and says it feels like it has less power than the 05's
  2. woracing12

    Hours on 06?

    About 12hr range id say. give er take. trouble free. i have no problems starting unless its been sitting a few days. but on my bike if u twist the throttle once or twice(to spit fuel in from the pump) it starts within a few kicks.
  3. woracing12

    Learning About bikes!!!!!!

    go look at microfiche parts diagrams for bikes and see what parts are what, how they go together and what not. helped me a lot when people are talkin about stuff i dont know, i go look it up on the parts diagram then go find it and read its purpose
  4. woracing12

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Rochester NY. Anyone wanna ride lemme know
  5. woracing12

    Worest day of racing!!!

    id say the worst days are the days you cant ride
  6. woracing12

    Hit neutral much?

    Same thing here. I moved the shifter up a tad and I don't hit it nearly as much. But 7hours on the oil, I'd say its time for a change anyways just for good measure.
  7. woracing12

    Larger grips help w/armpump?

    For me bigger is better. I had the set of Rethals that on my KXF and I had arm pump real bad and I had switched my bars to the Tag fat bar and I don't get it anymore. I used to get it so bad that i couldn't flex my fingers strait it hurt so bad. but thats just me.