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  1. Well dont ask if anyone needs help pitting this race. I just got muultiple pings and two infractions for doing that for Husky riders yesterday.
  2. Post # 16 doesn't make any sense to the naked eye Tim. I thought KTM was fielding two Class 22 teams for the 500 and 1000?
  3. PM me. I know a rider from northern from Washington State that rides his XR 600 with a super oscar light, along with a pack guys each year to Cabo and back, unsupported. I'll give you his email. Steny
  4. Have this same picture at work. Dont care where, just motivational to keep going each day.
  5. I'm going with this answer, though have seen it more at night than day when its so bright out.
  6. San Diego is north of Cabo too.
  7. Are you interviewd in this show Tim?
  8. I was wondering how that happened. Thats fine.
  9. Put a deposit on 97 Tacoma tonight, pending my repair shop looking it over Monday. Owners wife was there, but husband out of town until Sunday. Drove good, rode nice, looked well kept. Had all oil/maintance receipts Thanks for the imput here guys, pluses and minuses. Steny
  10. Thanks, I'm a Husky guy and lots of huskys have redone the CR 125 with 144, 150 and 167 kits with good results. Wanted to see what was happening with Yamaha before son sells his bike here or on local listings. Thanks for the report. Any others out there?
  11. Buying it for my 16 year old for school, work, daily swim team practice and weekend surfing. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I'm looking at two used Tacomas tomorrow morning at 9:30 here in San Diego and had a question. They are a 95 xtra cab with 155K, at, 2wd driven by orginal owner who died last year at 81. The other is an 97 reg cab tacoma with 138K mileage, at, 2wd, driven by female hS/JC student and Dad does all the maintance, 3 month oil changes, etc. They are the second owner and have had this truck for 5 years now. Both have the 2.7 lit 4 cylinder engine. My questions now: I was told these engines with proper oil changes (every 3 months) are 300K engines. Is this true for both the engine and tranny on the 2.7 lit? stock AT working fine when it was borrowed down south. Thanks for your advice tonight. Steny
  13. My adult son has a box stock 01 YZ 125 he is selling. I was thinking of buying a Husky 167 and then saw his. His bike stock is too pipy for me, but these 144 kits. Is that the largest kit they make for the YZ 125s and does it mellow out the bike some and make it easier to trail ride on dirt roads and tight trails? Thanks. Steny
  14. Does R&R do pay pal membership? Wifes graduating college that weekend with her Masters, so have to stay grounded to San Diego. Will be there in thought though. Anything in the works for summer time after June 30th and before Vegas to Reno in mid August? Steny
  15. Chapparal Motorsports in San Berdo too maybe?