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  1. Last week was about my most embarrassing motorsports moment... I was at the James Marshall charity event @ Glen Helen on Tuesday. It was a muddy mess.. Its about 9:30am, 45 degrees and drizzling. They open up the track and I head out onto the National track after about 5 others. I am the ONLY quad there out of about 1000 people. I fight through the mud a muck, go up and down the big hill. come around the back corner and there are FINALLY some jumps. I roll the first couple because there is sooooo much mud that I just cant get enough momentum to carry the doubles. I get to a higher spot and the terrain firms up... I decide I am going to commit to this double and gas it.... 3rd gear pinned, shift to 4th just before the start of the jump, the top is MUSH!! I loose most forward momentum and dive over the bars, and quad and I go tumbling down the 6-8ft drop on the other side. As I lay there with my face in the Mud (it was like 6" of pudding I swear!) I waited a moment to make sure my quad had stopped.. Thank god I did, because a moment later it slams down on its wheels right on top of me. Nothing broke or injured nearly as bad as my pride! I squirmed out from under the quad as the marshalls ran up, ripped off a tear off and rolled off the track in shame.. I was the comic relief for the rest of the morning as I get interviewed by the MC and was told they were afraid they were gonna have to call in air support to extract the quad out of my backside!
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    FUEL INJECTION is Here!!!

    My Cannondale is Plated in CA.. :-) Its a hoot too!
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    MX Knee Protection

    I use the Astrisks and love them.. For the guy that thought they were unconfortable and moved.. Make sure you read the directions for fitting and you should be fine.. I made the mistake of putting them on and riding WITHOUT reading the guide first and regret it. Now they fit right and are awesome. I am 6'1" and 220. I use size L and the included knee socks
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    FUEL INJECTION is Here!!!

    That is the real motivation, emissions laws.. Cannondale did the FI innovation for the sake of innovation and went bankrupt in the process. I now own 5 pieces of American motorcycle history. What a shame...
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    FUEL INJECTION is Here!!!

    Cannondale's had EFI since 2001. As an option we have the ability to switch maps (choice of 3 can be loaded at once) during the course of the a ride with the push of a handlebar mounted button which is pretty nice. With the D&M (diagnostic and maintenance tool) we adjust the torque curve (pseudo traction control) , change the rev limit, dial in for mods (exhaust, porting, intake, displacement changes, ect) and climate/elevation with a laptop and about 10 minutes of time. This was on both Bikes and Quads. I have the ability to turn the bike into a docile trainer for my kid and wife to learn on or a full on desert monster for me, and then take it to the MX track the next day and have a totally different powerband. I have ridden elevation extremes from -200 to +9000 foot on the same day with out the hiccups the other carbed bikes were experiencing. Unless you are afraid of a computer, FI will be the next big thing in performance, and you will not miss carbs at all.