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  1. oh gheez.hit that with a shovel bury it dig it up and hit it again!!!
  2. Ive sold a variety ofitems on Ebay. I listed each with a "buy it now" price attached and each sold before auction end. I guess that means I could have sold them for a few bucks more, maybe. Ive always done a few extra pics to show the item in the best detail I could. Shipping can be figured out during the listing process as long as you know the weight and approximate dimensions of the box you will be shipping. Its pretty easy.
  3. I had my WR450 suspension done over the winter. I sent it to Pro-Action http://www.pro-action.com/main.html . They asked the basics about me, height, weight. What type of riding I do, type of terrain, general questions of that nature. You choose what type and to what degree of modification you want. I had new springs front and rear and a revalve done. Im really happy with the results so far.
  4. BKRacing, how tall are you? 6'1" w/o boots. Thanks for the replies. That helps a bit. I wasnt bothered by the width of the bars at first but the more I ride the more I think about the width. I think they are about 33" stock which I thought seemed really wide. I find myself putting way too much weight forward on the bars at times because of the height but wasnt sure how to determine just how high was right. The bar bend doesnt bother me at all I cant say Ive ever thought "I wish theses bars were pulled in a bit more" or anything like that. Maybe I'll just go in steps, add the submount and see how that feels, cut an inch off of each side and try that.
  5. Im getting ready to order a stabilzer for my 06 WR450. Im running stock bars right now. Id like to go a bit shorter, 2-3 inches, but more importantly Id like to get a few inches higher. Im a bit over 6' and riding in a standing postion isnt comfortable. I need to be bent over a little to much for my liking. Ive looked at the handlebar guide here on TT and did some searches on the issue but have to admit Im probably more confused now than before I started. Could you offer some suggestions that would give me the setup Im looking for? Thanks, Brian
  6. http://www.pamall.net/patra/ Its a dual sport ride, must be street leagl but its a good offroad ride. Runs somewhere around 80 miles. Check out their site. Not sure if its different each year or not. 2 different trails to run, 1 being more challenging than the other. Stop about half way gas and eat and keep going.
  7. Will do. We are planning on doing the PA trail riders run this year and Im hoping we can do the Suzuki ride. Not sure of the details on that one, a buddy told me about it. It always looks good for a bunch of events and rides this early in the spring and it never fails we only end up doing 1/4 of what we talked about.
  8. Im in Altoona but ride with a number of guys from SC. We really like Allegheny National Forest for a weekend away. Rock Run will be open soon and that will offer some closer options also http://www.rockrunrecreation.com/index.php?page=home hopefully that will be a nice ride. One of my buddies from SC always is telling me about "Grass Flats"??? its supposed to be a good time, Ill get up there this summer.
  9. You might try Westleys Bleche white. Its a product used to clean tires. I use it on urethane paint protection films to clean stubborn stains. Test a small area first just to be safe.
  10. uh yea that sounds like a real PIA. I got to ride for a few minutes Tuesday after work, first time since.... last fall. I'll take your heat over our snow any day. Ride a few extra miles for us poor schmucks that get to watch the snow melt before we can use our bikes.
  11. Thanks for the info. I didnt want to start a sprocket collection trying different combos. Muddyken did you change out your rear sprocket? If you did what kind of top end drop did you see?
  12. Ive got a 06 WR450 that is plated. I dont ride the road very much, just to get to the trail. Sometimes Ill do 20-30 miles of road to get to a ride. My WR is a great bike but Ill never confuse it with a street bike. It feels like Im running the crap out of it on the highway at about 65mph. Living in the northeast I do alot of tight trail and rocky riding, so alot of slower trail work. Id really like to have a little lower gearing but that bit of road time has prvented me from changing out my sprockets. For those that have changed out the stock tooth sizes how much of a difference did you really get? Perfect world I wish the WR had a 6 speed tranny but thats not gonna happen. I need a lower 1st, 2nd and a bit of 3rd but want my 4th and 5th to stay where theyre at. I know thats not happening. Any suggestion on a front/rear combo that would offer a good balance for what Im describing?
  13. Im thinking of upgrading from my Trail Tech Endurance to the Vapor. I like some of the additional features of the Vapor. I see that they are sold bike specific, why? The Endurance if I remember corectly was a universal kind of part. What makes the Vapor bike specific?
  14. Im not crazy about either of them but I find myself rooting against Stewart more and more every week. St Louis was a great example of Stewarts race style. He got his own medicine, rode an incredible race and all it seemed he wanted to do was give some grief to Reed for using his tricks against him. Reed needs to put on some big boy pants and ride to win or stay at home. Im gonna miss Ricky.
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