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  1. But I have had problems buying stuff via Craigslist.
  2. 06-08 exhaust (+ 95% of other parts) are the same, 09-10 are different. I have an 08 (for sale) & 09. I buy lots parts via eBay with very little problems.
  3. We went with the SS Yosh on my son's bike, noticeable power gains. I compared the SS vs. Titanium versions at the dealer, can only tell the weight difference in the header which amounts to probably less than a pound. Not worth in my mind all the extra $$ for the titanium. Also more people can repair (weld) SS, which is a factor, my son is hard on exhaust. We have had the system for an entire racing season (100+ hours). The bracket on the midpipe cracked after a month, which Yoshimura warranted with a new midpipe. The new midpipe bracket cracked again near the end of the season. No warranty this time, but I can get it welded easily. I repacked it a few times, which is a 2 person job, but I liked the construction method and has been by far the easiest to do. You have to drill out the rivets, which I am not a fan of, but is easy to do.
  4. Maxxis SM (Sand Mud) makes a good tire that my son runs at the sand tracks. It has worked & lasted well. Can't help with the lettering, buy one of those crayons for tires.
  5. That's pretty much how our 08 looks at 101 hours. But not the 09. Checked them yesterday and at 38.8 hours, the bucket wear appears the same. Hopefully will not get any worse. The valve clearances did not move from the last check. I may replace the valve buckets when I replace the piston, coming up soon.
  6. No we did not determine what caused the oil starvation issue. Kawasaki's response was not to use Amsoil. They even had me send pictures to Kawasaki, but they said they would only be investigating it, no warranty. This motor is completely stock. We change the oil every week (2-3 hours) and filter every other. At 10 hours on the "rebuilt" motor, the valve caps are showing the same wear. Currently have 38 hours total (22 since rebuild). So we have surpassed what the original motor lasted. Per Kawasaki's recommendation, we have only run Kawasaki oil.
  7. My son has 102 hours on his. No major failures, but we have "cracked" a couple intake valves, 1 piston, and it is time for a cylinder. He is a Team Green 'A' rider and pushes the heck out of the bike.
  8. see thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8109152#post8109152
  9. not certain if the link will work. But see this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8109152#post8109152
  10. If you are talking about oil leaking out the hose that loops around the carb to head boot, there is too much oil in the crankcase.
  11. Just learned how to post pics.
  12. As an un-employed machine designer (M.E.) with 20+ years experience, in the current times no one is building or designing "new" machinery, but they are continuing to manufacture with current equipment. Stick with a manufacturing type degree. Hope you enjoy snow!
  13. Here is Factory Effex DX1 series with about 28 hours on them.
  14. Is there a mistake in the 09 manual? It says 850.
  15. Screen was clean, even after the motor seized.