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  1. I have a 06 with only 38 hours on the clock + Enzo suspension (season cut short due to injury:foul: ). I’m considering trading in for 07 and would like to hear from those who’ve run a season on the 06 and are now on the 07 what noticeable improvements you’ve found? I ride mostly moto so I don’t really care that it’s got a 5 speed now. How do you find the stock 07 motor? From what I’ve been reading it’s got a bit more pull. The forks are suppose to be all new internals and DLC coatings. Are they really better than last year and can you feel the difference with the DLC? My 06 is great and the only real complaint would be some front end push at times. I don’t mind paying the $2200 after trade in if I’m truly going to feel an improvement over the 06. If not I might as well just wait till the 08’s are ready.
  2. thumperwrestler have you ever been on a real MX track or have you just farted around in your back yard? This is you in the video right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctMF0tl3zCk I could ride all day like that too and not get tired. I think you need to step it up a notch there buddy till you feel the burn
  3. RoninMX

    stock bar mounts

    I have an RG3 four post top clamp (fat bar) that's only a month old for $225 if anyone's interested. The rubber mounted four post design is excellent, eliminates twisting of the bars and you can really notice an improvement in vibration and shock absorption. The only reason I'm selling is they just came out with the full clamp set with 20mm offset.
  4. RoninMX

    canadian nationals

    Aug 12-13 Ottawa, Ontario http://mx101.ca/