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  1. I just loosened both sides of my carb, rotated it as far as i could, and did the install that way. A bit tight but it's only three bolts . $225 is a JOKE! The stealership is just trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge or skills. Do it yourself
  2. I ride Pismo at least twice a month .Believe me when I tell you you doin't need a paddle to have fun out there. The dunes are very small ...now if you were going to Dumont or Glamis I would agree you need to get a scooper. I weight 225 and have absolutely no problem going or getting anywhere in Pismo quickly on my X. Sure, when your just learning sand technique or starting from a standstill you might flounder a bit...but once you get going, get you tires up on top of the sand, and get comfortable riding "loose" you'll be fine on your knobby. Get a flag, have fun, and remember to wash your bike real good after your done...all that salt is no good if left on