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  1. The bike will idle on the stand for as long as its on. However, when I start riding slowly in 1st, 2nd gear it dies everytime after 3 minutes. I just rebuilt the top end over the winer, added a CHM complete exhaust system, went up on the main jet per CHM's instructions, and I also added one of those billet breathers to the stock gas cap. Anybody have any ideas?? Thanks, Brad
  2. bbgun9x

    YZF 450 Top End Rebuild

    Not a metal gas cap. It's an aluminum one way vent on top of the tube, which is attached to the stock gas cap.
  3. bbgun9x

    YZF 450 Top End Rebuild

    I installed one of those anodized MX plus gas tank vent caps over the winter. The one with the tubing that connects to the gas cap and then the aluminum cap on the top that lets air through. Could this be the problem?? I can get air through, but not much.
  4. I just recently rebuilt the top end on my '03 YZF 450. I started up for the first time and let it warm up for 3-5 minutes. I then took it for a ride in first gear and after like 2 minutes in died. I then started it up and let it idle sitting still and it idles fine. I then rode it around for 3-4 minutes in first and second gear and it died again. It's like it's locking up or something. It idles fine on the stand, but when I'm riding it around it keeps shutting off. Any ideas???? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brad
  5. bbgun9x

    stiff cams....

    I just rebuilt the top end on my '03 yzf450 and had the same problem with my intake cam. The exhaust cam spun freely, but the intake was really tight. I had a bunch of people look at it, but nobody really had any answers, so I put it back together like that. I just fired the bike for the first time and the bike seems to run fine so far. I'm not sure what would cause this. Anybody have any suggestions????
  6. bbgun9x

    Oil Drain Plug Problems

    Is that a quick fix? Would I have to take the engine out of the bike? I've never heli-coiled anything before. Any other ideas for a quick fix?? Thanks, Brad
  7. I bought a used '03 YZF 450. I drained the oil and went to install the large drain bolt at the rear of the crankcase and it's stripped. It will not tighten down. I then tried using the Permatex thread repair kit (epoxy) and I got it to tighten down. I went to change my oil again and now I cannot get the bolt to tighten down. Anybody know of any quick fixes?? I've got to race this weekend, so I need something quick and simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brad