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  1. sheriffwoody

    What year used ttr110 for my daughter?

    My daughter is 8 and new to bikes (I have a wr450). She did have a Polaris 50 quad for a bit (electric start) I want to get her on a ttr for the electric start (want her to be a little confident on 'riding' before moving her up, this way she doesn't have to be scared or distracted of it stalling). I want to buy it used. Any years to avoid???? Any problems to look for ? Thanks in advance, Dave in Vegas =)
  2. My WR had a nastly spill and a big ol chunk of Nevada granite slammed into my headpipe on my 450. It also broke my water pump cover :-( Is the YZ450 headpipe the same as the WR??? How about the 250 yz/wr headpipe? Im gonna look for a used one on Craigslist and Ebay, unless anyone has an extra stock one to sell??? Any ideas on aftermarket water pump covers? or should I just buy one from Yamaha? Thanks in advance! Dave in Vegas
  3. sheriffwoody

    NW Vegas anyone want to ride? 215 and Lone Mt

    Well, Email me and lets go ride!!! -Dave
  4. sheriffwoody

    05 WR450f rear rotor rubbing on swingarm

    Yea, FYI... I figured it out. The caliper mounting bracket needs to slide into a groove in the swingarm and it was out. Duh. Hope this helps some other idiot someday!
  5. I live right off 215 and Lone Mt and looking for a beginer or intermediate dirtbike rider to ride with! Let me know! I have an 05 wr450f intermediate rider Dave dknv1970@gmail.com
  6. I just removed my 19" yz450 rear wheel (with paddle) and installed my old 18" Wr rim back on after 2 years of riding dunes. I popped out the 2 black spacer/seal covers off the 19" wheel and popped them in the sides of the 19" and installed the rim/tire. As soon as I tighted the axle bolt, the brake rotor start to rub on the inside of the right side swingarm! Is there supposed to be a spacer in between the brake caliper (where the axle goes thru) and the right side swingarm? There is the plastic guide on the inside of the right side swingarm so the caliper mount and swingarm are not metal to metal, but there seems to be a 1/16" gap inbetween swingarm and caliper mount before I tighten the axle nut. Note the wheel spins fine while the gap is there, until I tighten the axle nut. I removed the caliper from the caliper mount and I can see the rotor hitting the inside of the swingarm. Are the spacers located next to the rear hub the same 05yz450 to 05 wr 450??? Anyone have any suggestions??? Thanks in advance! DAve
  7. sheriffwoody

    Rear Spring Sag Only 3" which way to turn collar?

    Thanks Max, good explanation. I measured my static sag and it was about 2"!!! All because I was lengthening the spring, trying to get it to 4". I wasnt aware I needed to measure static sag and add it. Cool! Going to the dunes this weekend, so I will set it for 3/4" and eat a big dinner lol! Thanks everybody! -Dave
  8. sheriffwoody

    Rear Spring Sag Only 3" which way to turn collar?

    Sorry it been awhile. I turned the collar up (counterclockwise) about 3/4 of an inch total in increments. Race sag did not change as I loosened it in increments between rides. I was fully geared and fueled. I have not checked static sag, I will do so this weekend. So, am I supposed to add the static sag to the race sag??? Thanks for the info!
  9. 2005 WR450F I just changed the springs front and rear (RaceTech). here is what I have. Type of Riding: Desert / Enduro / Trail Rider Weight: 215 lbs Recommended Spring Rate: 5.64 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Shock Spring Rate (measured): 5.3 kg/mm (stock) Available SRSP 6228 Series Springs are: SRSP 622856 RT SHK SPR 63.4x60.6x270 5.6kg The spring I installed in the rear is a 622856 (stamped on it) which is perfect for my weight according to RaceTech I installed the shock with the collar screwed to about where the stock spring was. I measured race sag and came up with 3 1/8 inches - I am striving for 4 1/8 inches, which is about 105mm sag. I unscrewed (raised) the collar which made the spring slightly longer, well my race sag is STILL 3 1/8" . How is this possible?? What am I missing?? I did the sag test with me on the pegs, sitting on the seat and even sitting back farther to no avail.... Any thoughts?
  10. I just changed the spring and I could not find the PSI in the manual. ANyone know how much goes in there???? 2005 WR450f THANKS!
  11. sheriffwoody

    New decals on old plastic?

    How do I polish the graphics to get that dark blue back before I aply the graphics? I sanded it progressivly up to 1000 grit (wet) but I still have that white scratched color after the plastic dries.
  12. I am going to order racetech springs and maybee the gold valve for the front fork and just a heavier spring for the rear. Is this a do it yourself deal? I have done street bike forks before (non inverted). Are the special tools needed? If I remember right if you have an air gun it is easy to take out the dampeneing rod bolt, but what about the rest??? Should I replace the seals even though they arent leaking?? How do I find out how much oil and what weight/height? Thanks in advance. Dave
  13. sheriffwoody

    05 WR450 fuel tank interchange

    I know that the radiator shrouds are the same on the WR as the YZ 450, but what about the fuel tanks? I want to get a used aftermarket tank and need to know if an Acerbis or Clarke tank from a YZ450 will fit? Thanks in advance - Dave
  14. sheriffwoody

    YZ aftermarket tank on an 05 WR?

    Im looking for a used 3.3 +/- tank for my 05 WR450. I know the 05 WR has the same shrouds as a YZ, but are the fuel tanks interchangable??? If im not mistaken, ims makes a 3.4 and Acerbis makes a 3.3??? I think the IMS for the YZ is a 3.8??? Anyone know what gives? Thanks.
  15. sheriffwoody

    WR 450 and YZ 450 Front Wheel Interchange

    So, If I had an 05 WR450, I can use a YZ 250/450 front tire from what years?