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  1. Sure did. There out. Just searching in other places
  2. Funny. Of course. It rips. Got 2hrs of track time yesterday
  3. Somewhere out there please someone help me locate a Factory Effex, Rockstar-Bloodshot shroud sticker. I need one for the left side. I have an 06R MZ250. I really need this. If you have a shroud sticker kit and I have to buy both sides, Fine. If your getting a new kit and you have this one on your shroud and it's in good shape I will send you a new plastic in trade for yours. Thanks

    Stronger mentals

    Thank you for your input. I agree with you, even when I go out in the begginer novice session there are guys that have either bought both braclets or are severly underclassed. i will look at your link. I sounds promising

    Head-aches After riding

    You might have been told a bunch of times but your probably getting these headaches from dehydration. Start hydrating 2 days prior to your ride day. Start drinking the Glaceau SMART WATER....it has all the essential electrolytes needed without any sugar....get off any sugar drinks you might be doing....drink drink drink.....water...and your life will change. Heres an easy calculation: take your weight x .65 ....this gives you the amount of oucnces you need to drink everyday. add 7 oz. to that for every hour you are riding. You watch your health improve 100 percent....oh..taking any vitamins? Eating 5 to six times a day?...these all count. Hope you see a change soon.

    Overcoming the mentals

    thank you Mark....

    grip tape

    Just thought that I would jump in and say that i bought a 06 supercross bike and an 06 arenacross bike of my pro neighbor. I never used the grip tape until I got these two bikes. After riding them I promptly went to the local skate shop and put it on my other 3 bikes. Yes it wears after a couple of rips on the track, but so what. Tear off the old and put on a new peice.

    Stronger mentals

    Thank you so much. I needed to hear everything you had to say. I never want to go to my grave not experiencing life. I will take all that you said to heart. I am an addict to riding on the edge, and will use all that you have written to continue to push as that edge gets sharper

    Best 250 2-stroke

    Hey 91 I have 2, 06, 250 four strokes and 1 06, 450 four stroke, and love them, however i also have a 06 SSuzuki Rm250. On a short tight track I turn faster lap times on the Rm than any of my other bikes. I have ridden all of the available 06 two stokes availabe to the public and think the handling of the Rm far outweighs all the others. I had Pro Curcuit go through the top end and suspension, also put a PC exhaust. Completly stock though this bike was awesome. Just ignore the comments from riders that are bent on thumpers only. If you can afford it diversity with your rides is fun
  10. I am 45 years of age and have been back in the saddle again for 1 year. I work hard the whole week to go to the tracks and pratice. I have advanced to riding local pro tacks at a decent clip. I want to race on the 3rd of December for my first time in 26 years. A friend of mine last week lost his life at a track due to a bad fall and this has really gone to my head. My son just broke his hand overshooting a table and landing flat. My wife tore the legiments in her knee in a bad fall in a turn. I went to the McGrath inventational back about month ago and saw not only riders in wheel chairs, but multitudes either on cruches or in cast. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stopping but damn. I have been praticing at a local track and had just conquerd their 60' stepup only to get to the track last week to see they added about 10 more feet to the top of the landing and chopped the front drasticly. I need incouragment to continue getting faster and better. Thanx

    Overcoming the mentals

    Hello Dr Sanders: I am 45 years of age and have just got back into riding hard motocross. I have been back in the saddle for about a year now. I am 6'4" and currently weigh 217 and have got my body fat down to 16%. When I started on my body a year ago I was 257lbs at 31%body fat. I am excited about changing my body in order to put out the perfomance that I am requiring of my body. My problem is, I am having mental problems with the extent of speed and and intensity of the pro tracks that I am now practicing on. I just lost a close friend to a ruptured liver, causing him to bleed to death. This death ,happened just practicing and hitting a jump wrong. I love riding hard and fast, but when my friends death came last week it came home to rest in my mind. I want to race for the first time on the 3rd of December and I belive have let fear come in.Any advice Thank you:eek:

    Hope I Made The Right Choice.

    Amen brother on the seat belt. I have a 06crf 450 and my wife has a a a Green o5 250 f i am so used to having my goggles be pushed back in to my eye sockets on the strightaways that when I PLAY on the green thing In 5th it would need 6 mores gears to get me up to the speed I am used to on the straights with my 450

    200? CRF600X (or Brand New XR650R)?????

    Hey fellow dual sport riders!.I have a 2000 xl650r that is in showroom condition that I put a big gun complete pipe system on, re-jeted, and put a works connection skid plate on. Need to sell it right now. don't want to but am forced to. Current California plate and sticker. Clean pink slip. Will take the first 4000. can send pics if you want

    06 Crf450 Top Speed

    I've never clocked mine, but I will say that I have a 2000 xl650r that sets my goggles back into the bottom of my eye sockets between 85 and 90. My 06 crf 450 does the same topped out with stock gearing in 1 quarter of the time.