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  1. Potok

    TUSK switch with stock headlight?

    Turned out to be a faulty on/off switch. I tried another one and the whole system works! I'm now road ready. I appreciate your help with this. Keep the rubber side down.
  2. Potok

    TUSK switch with stock headlight?

    On/off switch is connected and on. Double checked all my connections plus the fuse. None of the kit lights work. Same for the horn. Battery fully charged. Faulty wiring harness?
  3. Potok

    TUSK switch with stock headlight?

    Here's another question... I have the whole tusk dual sport lighting kit (tail/brake light, front and rear blinkers and horn). Everything is hooked up with the exception of the headlight. Right now nothing is working. Does the headlight need to be hooked up for the rest of the system to work?
  4. Potok

    TUSK switch with stock headlight?

    Thank you so much for the detailed answer!
  5. I have read the other wiring posts but haven't found this specific answer. I bought the TUSK dual sport lighting kit and most of it is very straightforward. The problem I'm running into is the headlight. The tusk switch has three wires running to the headlight, but no instructions as to which wires match the wires on my stock headlight. Does anyone know how to wire these successfully? Thanks!
  6. Potok

    Huge Jets and running well???

    Yes. Everything else is stock. And I agree, it doesn't make sense. Actually, with the 65 pilot it was popping on the decel. It really doesn't make sense but it runs stronger now than ever.
  7. Potok

    Huge Jets and running well???

    I've been trying to dial in my 05 450X for a while. This is where I'm currently at: I have a full Jardine exhaust, airbox mods, 170 main jet, 68 pilot jet and an R&D Accelerator Pump at 2 turns out. These jets are HUGE, but its running perfectly. I'm at an elevation of 1300 ft or so. Should I be worried that its running so well with such huge jetting or should I just be happy that I've got it running well? Am I going to run out of gas???
  8. Potok

    Can't figure out this bog problem!!!

    I ordered the R&D power pump. Hopefully it will get here soon. I'm taking my 450R to the track this week and would love to dial in the X while I'm out there. You've been a lot of help. Thanks again.
  9. Potok

    Can't figure out this bog problem!!!

    That's pretty much what its doing. It only bogs when I hammer the throttle, but rolling it on is fine. When I modify the AP, will I need to go back down on the pilot? Thanks a lot for the input.
  10. OK, here's the whole scenario. I have an 05 CRF450X. It basically sat in my garage for a year without being started (I know, its stupid). Before it sat it had a horrible bog problem. Not a little annoying one, but a major one. I recently modified the airbox, put on a Jardine RT5 full exhaust (which is milimeters away from the radiator hose and the oil cap) and used the JD Jet kit. I put on the red needle, 4th clip, 165 main and stock 45 pilot. I took it to my local shop for them to clean out the whole carb. They told me I needed to go up 20 on my pilot. I was shocked at the jump but still did it, and it still bogged. So I went up to the 170 main. Now I'm up to a 78 pilot with the 170 main, 2 turns out on the fuel screw. That just seems way too big on the pilot. Its okay now but it still bogs some off the bottom. All the signs say to go up on the pilot again but it just doesn't seem right to me. What else could be going on here?
  11. Potok

    Who's riding where this weekend

    I've been to Firebird a few times and I love the track but my point of contention has always been the dirt. The main line is like riding on the sidewalk and if you get our of the main line its mud and/or giant clumps of dirt. Is it still like that? Saturday was my first trip to Grindingstone and I loved it. The dirt was amazing. Its flowing and fast. I still love Speedworld because of the jumps but GS is only about 20 minutes away from my house so you can't beat that! Brett, it was good talking to you for a minute (this is Eric, on the CRF450R). I'll definitely be seeing you all out there again!
  12. Potok

    hondaland track

    In McGrath's book he says its not there anymore.
  13. Potok

    TT Track Day?

    Grindingstone doesn't have lights. A lot of guys have to work during the day, even if it is on the weekend.
  14. Potok

    Speedworld tonight?

    Going to SW on Wednesday if you're interested.
  15. Too bad for RV. If he could have pulled this one out he would have been the first in the Lites class to ever win Monster's triple crown. The championship may have been over, but he lost out on $50,000.