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  1. cessna182k

    New Fresno/Clovis

    Sorry to here that. I rode Miami a year or so ago and it wasn't what i remembered.
  2. cessna182k

    New Fresno/Clovis

    I used to ride Miami Creek back in the early 90's when I lived in Clovis. I was wondering whatever happened to the Miami Mountain Trail Blazers. They were very active with trail maintenance and forest service relations. The only reference I see to them now is trail names MMTB and Kiser.
  3. cessna182k

    xr70 front fender???

    bikebandit.com is a good source for oem parts. they have parts schematics you can view with part numbers. i just ordered some parts for my xr250 and the service was very good (quick). i checked and they have your 02 xr70 fender pt#117077-001 for $36.17.