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  1. BootToTheDoor

    Can I change my DRZ 400 SM to a dual Sport

    I ride mine with avon distanzia 120 and 150s...the sm compound. I'm happy with the way it performs considering what is was originally intended for...but I am wondering what suspension settings people are riding offroad with. I have yet to change mine from factory spec but am interested in others results and hoping for a base setup to work out my own settings from. I don't know if it would really be worth the cost to get another set of wheels for our bike. I'd rather get another bike and have a used 250 that is pure dirt bike and 100 pounds lighter. That's mho after having my DRZ SM for almost 2 years now.
  2. BootToTheDoor

    Where to get Tall-SDG seat ??

    Ah but the Corbin and Renazco have to make up for thinner seats with better tech, i.e. advanced foam. This one just has more of it. Question is, does the wide part of the seat after skooting back distribute the load across enough area of the buttox. Sorry, I'm sounding like a smart a** but it should be conceivably as comfortable. Anyone tried them all? Personally I think I'll take the SDG for the thinner forward portion and extended distance to pegs for my long legs.
  3. BootToTheDoor


    I find ugly as sin attractive. Why do you think I still bought my DRZ after looking at it. A very small reason though; the others fell under passion and practicality. Which is why I will either be keeping my DR-Z and adding a windscreen or trading for something that isn't so much work to hold onto when it's windy...especially on interstate. I appreciate everyone's opinions...they helped me in choosing the Cee Bailey shield. Thank ya.
  4. BootToTheDoor

    05 DRZ 400 SM jetting

    Dang...alright, thanks a bunch. I should have asked before I ordered. I just didn't want to be repetitive.
  5. A little help here...I got the sm DJ kit, float bowl bolt kit, extended fuel screw, #25 pilot jet and 140 main jet. Am I missing anything and did I get the right parts...basically I need the setup for the Mikuni carb with the 3X3 airbox mod, stock exhaust, 1000-1500 ft elevation, and 65-105 degrees. Also...everything the same but 45-75 degrees would help in a few months. Thanks a ton...especially Eddie for all your hard work and patience.
  6. BootToTheDoor

    avon distanzia any good guys ??

    it's good but at extreme lean angles it is less predictable than smoother street oriented tires
  7. BootToTheDoor

    Vin Problems

    So true. Mine got branded a DRZ400. I don't think they specified which EXACTLY, but my liability coverage was less than $100 per year!
  8. BootToTheDoor

    High Low Range Trans

    6 speeds would be ideal...but since we don't have it, will changing the sprockets not solve your problem? My vote to Suzuki is 6 speed though cause if the DRZ is still an underpowered five speed bike needing so much work by the time I rat out my 05 SM I'm getting the WR and some 17's with the Avon Distanzia's (Kawasaki, you should make a supermoto version of the WR450 PLEASSSE)
  9. BootToTheDoor

    St.Louis Amaeture round

    Is there a website for it?
  10. BootToTheDoor

    DRZ in Grand Junction

    The road through the national monument looks like supermoto paradise. I was up there with a friend for Flying Miata's open house. (He does some amateur racing) It was the most fun I've ever had on pavement.
  11. BootToTheDoor

    Long Term Update - DRZ 475TT

    I think if the insurance companies' lawyers can claim act of God then momentary Satanic possession is a valid legal defense as well. Instead of a ticket, you have to go to a pastor or priest and have him sign off on your soul checkup. Then bring it to the police station within 2 weeks. I would also like to know the mileage and maybe some of the maintenance intervals.
  12. BootToTheDoor

    Are slicks a waste for a newbie?

    Has anyone had experience with Pilot Powers on a DRZ SM on the track? I don't really want to pay for another set of wheels to swap on race day and am thinking about 120 & 150/17s.
  13. BootToTheDoor

    St. Louis Torrent??

    that was freakin awesome:lol:
  14. BootToTheDoor

    Motorcycle Noise Issues-WTF

    I think the bigger difference in treatment by other motorists is that you were riding a sport bike as opposed to your cruiser, not that one was loud and the other wasn't. But I agree with you that, to a certain degree, being audibly noticed is safer than silent.
  15. BootToTheDoor

    BEEPING SOUND .....????????

    Mine did the same thing last summer and every once in a while now. The first time I noticed it, it was after the fourth of July and it was dang hot. I was afraid I had overheated it cause the overflow catch tank for the radiator had fluid in it. Mine went beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....................beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...............................beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep as well. It is definately electrical. It does it when the bike is moving or not, in gear or no, motor running or not. I think the key position might have effected it, but I don't remember. I've suspected the radiator of not functioning entirely right, but has anyone else experienced the beep and fixed it on purpose. I.E. know exactly what causes it?