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  1. yzingin426

    2002 426 valve check?

    pull the spark plug and stick a long screwdriver down the plug hole and rest it on the piston, then rotate the crank back and forth until you find TDC. refer to the mark on the crank and you know for sure.
  2. yzingin426

    01 header fit 00?

    will a 01-02 426 header fit the 00, they have different stock #s but sometimes that doesnt mean much. thanx
  3. yzingin426

    YZ426 acting funny

    check your valve clearance and clean your carb, readjust your air mixture, and ride!
  4. yzingin426

    HELP! more yz400f problems!

    could be the waterpump impeller has gone bad.
  5. yzingin426

    Worst Products You Have Ever Bought?

    Fly 303 pants, ripped the knee fixing a flat. Then ripped the upper part just above the knee when i layed it over in a turn. I dont think theyll last the season! My fox pants lasted 5 seasons!
  6. yzingin426

    Newbie looking at a 2000 YZF426

    Snap it up if its still there, i have the same bike and couldnt be happier. you will not notice the weight.
  7. yzingin426

    Any inputs on 2000 YZ400F?

    I would recheck your info. I've never heard of a 2000 yz400. anyways, the waterpump will be an easy fix. what kind of condition is it in? what price?
  8. yzingin426

    head gasket

    i would like to check my new to me 426 piston and cylinder. can i reuse the gaskets or do they have to be replaced everytime i pull the head off thanx
  9. yzingin426

    oil in the stator side?

    wheww! Thanks guys.
  10. yzingin426

    oil in the stator side?

    i pulled the stator cover off of my new to me 00 426 and about a 1/4 cup of oil came out. is that normal or do i have a bad seal. thanx
  11. yzingin426


    i got a 2000 for 2,300 three weeks ago, lots of aftermarket parts. its worn, but not worn out!
  12. yzingin426

    YZF Service Manuals

    hey thanx for all the manuals! is there is one for a 00 426? thanx!
  13. yzingin426

    subframe question

    Does any body know if a 99 400 subframe will fit a 2000 426?