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  1. txdiamond17

    How long does premix keep?

    Thanks for all the help guys. I don't expect it to keep forever, but the leftovers may be used within a month tops. My owners manual says only mix what you will race with that day, leaving me to think the oil may break down faster than I thought. I was just curious.
  2. txdiamond17

    How long does premix keep?

    I just ride my yz250 on the weekends, not up to racing status yet. I was wondering how long the premix will keep, as to not breaking down and not working properly. I am running Lucas semisynthetic at 30:1. Usually burn up a 5 gallon can every other weekend. Is that to long to keep it, or will it keep longer?
  3. txdiamond17

    Big Guy and a YZ250

    I think I will lose some weight. I am taking that into account when I put new springs on. I won't know exactly what is right because I am too new to the bike, been off too long. I just want it not to bottom out and handle well. I am sure after the first attempt, I will need to tweak it a little once I get more seat time.
  4. txdiamond17

    Big Guy and a YZ250

    Not really fit and buff anymore. I am getting down to around 230, that's my goal. But I don't want the ride harsh anyway. I figure I will get better riding by both losing the weight and setting the bike up right. Is there one brand of spring that is better than the others, or are they all pretty much equal on quality?
  5. txdiamond17

    Big Guy and a YZ250

    I am new to suspension setup. I just got an 06 yz250 and I know that the suspension is to soft for me. I am 6'3" 250+. I have searched all kinds of ways and I keep finding posts of people that need a stiffer shock spring than the calculators show. I am just going to ride trails/desert type stuff. Maybe some small jumps. I just want to set the bike up correctly, I would like to enter a novice race or two this fall. Any help would be appreciated. At $109 each, I would like to buy the right one the first time. Thanks fellas
  6. txdiamond17

    What age did your kids start riding?

    Just bought my son a pw50 last week. This weekend the training wheels came off and he is having a blast! I am so stoked, riding with my son is the most fun I have ever had on a bike. He just turned 6 in July. My 3 year old daughter is jealous, but she has a bike once she is able. The pw50 is going to be to small for him quickly, I don't know what bike will be next. I am sure i will need a bigger one by Christmas though, he is progressing way faster than I thought he would.
  7. txdiamond17

    i've been riding 4 strokes my whole life....

    I just bought an 06 YZ250 last week and all I can say is WOOOHOOO! I grew up riding 2Ts and man it is fun getting back on one. I am still getting mine tuned in, but what a blast I am having doing it.
  8. txdiamond17

    2006 yz250 carb issues..help please

    thanks for the link to the manual. i have a hardcopy, but it is nice to print off the page you need when your hands are all dirty. I took the carb completely apart and cleaned it. The main and pilot, the little fuel valve above the float, and all passages. I pulled the air mix screw and cleaned it as well. The entire carb was cleaned thoroughly, although I still didn't find the dang power jet. The jetting was completely stock. After reassembling, the bike ran very well. First kick, and she idled like a kitten. The problem I found was it chokes down in the upper rpms now, and really smokes. I think I am way to rich. Also I think the float needs adjusting, fuel drains out the hose when I really got on it. No leaks at all when it sits, so I think the float isn't hung though. I guess its time to learn how to properly jet a bike now. Thanks for all yalls help. Time to go and try it out.
  9. txdiamond17

    2006 yz250 carb issues..help please

    HOLY !@#$ I have never seen a carb so gummed up. I don't see how the bike was even running at all. I am going to try and clean this thing up, does anyone have a pic or link to a pic of the inside of the carb. I know where the pilot and main jet are, but where is the power jet? I assume taking all the jets out and a can or two of carb cleaner and some compressed air and I should be able to clean her up. Then After a tank of fuel or two and I will mess with jetting. Thanks for yalls help. I will check back in later, hopefully I don't find any new issues.
  10. txdiamond17

    2006 yz250 carb issues..help please

    I am near Big Spring / Midland. I meant there is no wear marks anywhere on the frame or cases. I just said paint for lack of a better word. The carb comes off today. Thanks for all the help.
  11. txdiamond17

    2006 yz250 carb issues..help please

    I figure the compression is good, when she winds up it flies. Just no idle or bottom. Is it easier to take the carb off if I take the tank off first? It will be a while before I know what adjustments are good, this bike is powerful...and I love it! Can't wait to get it running good. Is there anything I should be careful of when I disassemble the carb, springs etc prone to flying/falling out?
  12. I just bought an 06 yz250. The original owner let it sit for 9 or 10 months without starting it. I bought it for a song, knowing there would be issues. I have been out of the dirt bikes for years. I drained the bowl, and let fresh gas run through for a while. The gas smelled horrid. She fired right up and ran poorly for about 10 minutes. I killed it and tinkered around just checking the bike over since it hadn't been run in so long. The next time I started it the bike seemed to be stumbling more. Then it started dying. It will run fine with the choke on, but any throttle at all and it dies. Could I have gotten some junk in a jet which slows fuel delivery until nearly wide open throttle? It will almost die until wide open and she takes off. It willl not idle. I am going to remove the carb tomorrow and disassemble and clean it. If a jet is gummed up, can it be cleaned, or does it need replaced. The bike is completely stock, with very low hours. There are no wear marks on the paint and the tires still have the little things on them. Sorry for the long post, but I want to start in the right place. I am about 2000 ft in the west texas heat. I didn't know what oil to use, so I got some Lucas semi synthetic at oreillys today and mixed it at 30:1 per the manual with 91 octane (the highest pump gas available around here). Also have a new spark plug in as well. Thanks in advance. I am very impressed with this site and all the info. I have been searching and reading all afternoon.
  13. txdiamond17

    So is resale on yz450's impossible or what?

    So if resale is so cheap on 04's and 05's, Would you buy an 06 new, like 6500, or good used for 4000-4500? Need to know, I am thinking of getting an 06, but didn't see or know the used ones were so much cheaper. Very few used bikes in my area.