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  1. salestalent

    Fox shock

    Hey Baja, put me down for 1. Can't wait!
  2. salestalent

    tubeless tires

    Tranqwhl I am curious what your actual weights were for your heavy duty inner tubes and wheel lock and the tubliss system. I lost 1 lb switching from heavy duty tubes to normal tubes which weigh just 1 to 1.5 lbs each depending on sizes.
  3. salestalent

    CRF230 250cc big bore now engine noise

    I have the xrs only 251 kit with a powroll cam and the head ported. It makes significantly more power with 3rd gear wheelies no problem. I can flat run away from a stock 230. There is some piston knock which I think is a factor of increased piston weight and there is no pinging. I am running a 125 main and 92 octane. Once the motor is broken in I will put it on the dyno. Good luck!
  4. salestalent

    bbr 150 jetting help

    I have a ttr125 that I put in a bbr 150 kit and cam into. The exhaust is still stock but it does have a K&N and 7 uni vents in the airbox. Currently, it has a 110 main and I don't remember the pilot and other specs. I ride at 0 to 2000 feet elevation. The jetting is definitely off. Any suggestions as to a baseline jetting setting?
  5. I will be at Sand Lake this Sunday 7/29 by myself (family will be at Cannon Beach) for the day and I wanted to see if anyone or groups will be there that I can join. I'm 37 from Kirkland, WA with a stock yfz450 with paddles. I'm of intermediate skill level and looking to enjoy the dunes. Feel free to e-mail me directly at chris@salestalentinc.com.
  6. salestalent

    K&N Air Filter Question

    Thanks for the advice.
  7. salestalent

    K&N Air Filter Question

    I just bought a new yfz450 and the service guys told me NOT to put on a K&N filter. They said that the K&Ns allow small grit to get past which will grind off the coating on the valves and eventually cause them to fail. Supposedly they have just serviced a bike that had this problem. It sounded a bit crazy and I love K&Ns but I don't want to blow up a new motor. Any experience on this subject?
  8. salestalent

    2008 DR650 Wish List

    Here it is in order of importance: fuel injection, 6 spd transmission, upside down forks, 300 lb dry weight. I would pony up for that bike.