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  1. Solcat

    DRZ-400 stock muffler with FMF Power Bomb header?

    I just went from a FMF PowerCore IV to the Q2 and I am very happy with it. found that the PowerCore was way too loud for for the street where I live. Tried to make it quieter, but not much success. Put the Q2 on. Bike is faster now that I'm willing to open the throttle.... (I have a S, with a stock pipe, with what appears to be a spacer where the muffler pipe fits.)
  2. Solcat

    DRZ S idle issue

    Thanks Eddie. Seems that the pilot jet was still plugged after all. I can't confirm that it runs at the moment, as it is pouring down rain here, and my shop is the back yard....I'll set the fuel screw to 3.5 turns also. I appreciate your help!
  3. Solcat

    DRZ S idle issue

    Now I'm more confused after thinking about it. The Main Jet should not be impacted by the needle after around 3/4 throttle if I understand correctly, so putting in a smaller MJ because of the changed needle does not make sense to me. Can someone clarify this to me. (S came with 142.5, FMF kit came with 132, 134, 136 MJ and a different needle.)
  4. Solcat

    DRZ S idle issue

    fuel screw was at 2 turns. I'll pull the carb back off. I cleaned the pilot jet pretty well before, as that is what I thought it would be. Are there passages that could be clogged?
  5. Hi, I'm having a very frustrating time getting my bike to run. Seems to be related to sitting for a while. Before letting it sit, the bike ran, but not all that well. Stalled coming off idle. Idle hunted. Stalled when cold frequently. After sitting for about 3 months, fuel pouring out of carb, which is why I pulled and cleaned. That has stopped, but the same problem running is that it won't idle. Now, I have now gotten it to run, but only with choke on all the way, and with hand partially blocking the air intake..... Running VERY lean it seems to me. I have checked 20 times for missing hoses, etc. All are hooked up or blocked, usually tested each way. One, of several things that confuse me, is that if I block of the air vent hose, the bike will stall, I assume from plugging a vac leak. Any explanation for that? I think I've exhausted my knowledge and need some expert help. Where should I look next? Just pulled carb and cleaned. Was gummy, but seemed to clean up fine. Did not soak the carb body, but all jets, etc. look good. DRZ 400S 2005 Ca. with FMF PowerCore IV /2 can. Have installed the FMF "Power UP" stage 1 kit Running the DJ134 MJ (which I find odd as the stock is 142.50--- Is the needle that different?) Needle in 4th position (it is the adj needle that came with the FMF kit, contrary to my earlier hallucination) Float set at 13 (12-14) No 3x3 mod yet, but snorkle removed. I don't dare change anything else with it running this bad (previous owner installed kit, but I assume everything else is stock. Charcoal can removed. Line plugged at carb. Fuel Petcock on prime, all vac lines are attached... Turns off with Vice Grips. Running at 0-1000 feet Posted this in the DRZ area also.
  6. Thanks Regarding the jets, the 142.5 is what came out "stock", and is now sitting in the kit of left over parts. 134 is the middle jet from the FMF Stage 1 kit, and why the previous owner installed it. Why would the jet kit have smaller jets-- because the needle is different? In which case that would make some sense, but still not make the engine not idle I would think. It does seem that I am missing some parts there on the needle. Bike did run before sitting, although not all that great-- stalled coming off the line if the idle was low, and did not idle well. I'd be happy with that now though. Vac hose to the petcock is connected. It is on prime, with a pair of vice grips for "off" at the moment, waiting for my E petcock. I'll try sealing that hose with the vice grips and see if that is a vac leak somehow. I did pull the valve apart, and the diaphram did look OK. Float bowl vent hose is open. Symptoms seem to point to some idle circuit blocked or a vac leak, but I can't find anything. I did not soak the carb housing, I just sprayed it down. I pulled all the jets and soaked them well, and they are clean. Is it possible that inside the carb body something is clogged with crap? Symptom is the same as before I cleaned everything (except for no gas pouring out of the float bowl! )
  7. OK, I'm in need of some help. After having ongoing issues with my fuel petcock and float flooding my engine several times, I ended up letting the bike sit for several months. Cranked it up the other day (changed oil and such), and not only was gas pouring out of the carb, but it would not run-- it would start with the choke on for 8-12 seconds and die. This happened over and over. (yes, checked vac lines to fuel petcock, etc.) Shut it down, and pulled the carb off and apart. Cleaned everything. There was some greenish gum/powder in the system after sitting (with a drained float bowl) Checked parts, and they all seemed fine/clean afterwards. Did take a bit of cleaning to get the green stuff off. Checked float height, around 13 (12-14) and put it back together. No gas pouring out, but still starts and dies over and over. (one thing I did do was pull the throttle position sensor off and while I have it back in pretty much the same position, my mark was gone when I put it back together, so....) Previous owner re-jetted and pulled the charcoal canister off. One thing I'm not sure about is a vacuum line at the bottom of the carb had a cap on it that was in bad shape, so I replaced it with a new blocked off line. This shows as going to the vacuum canister, but it is not clear to me. Running the middle jet in the FMF stage one kit, which is the DJ134. Although the kit seems to show an adjustable needle, neither the needle that are in the carb or the one left in the kit (which looks new) are adjustable. (i.e, there is only one slot for the C-clip) Neither look like the picture in the manual, that has what it calls a stopper on it. It is just a plain needle with a C-clip 2005 Cal S model. Snorkel removed but no 3x3 mod FMF Powercore 4 pipe (not header) I'm pretty confused and frustrated at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Solcat

    fuel leaking from carb

    Yes, I'm replacing my S petcock with an E version. There are quite a few threads on this, and it seems that there are cheaper petcocks out there if you want to try to save a few dollars. The petcock "should" not allow gas through, when turned to On/Reserve and the engine is not running, but mine does also. There are quite a few people with the same story, so it seems to be a common problem. Crap in the vacuum valve? Took mine apart and it seemed to be clean, but the inlet screen on my petcock pickup was torn, so something could get through..... I don't want to have to deal with it anymore, so away it goes to be replaced with one that you CAN turn off.
  9. Solcat

    fuel leaking from carb

    Well I'm not an expert, but it looks like you have your fuel petcock sitting on prime in your picture, which leaves it on all the time. Still should not leak past the float, but that seems to be a pretty common problem. Turn it to ON, or even Reserve, and given that you have an S, the vacuum valve should turn it off. If it does not turn off, well you have a problem with the valve. I'm replacing mine with the E version (a real OFF) because I have the same problem. Prime is "Always On" On and Reserve are opened by a vacuum line when the engine is running. Prime should only be when your float bowl is dry.
  10. Just did the mod. VERY simple. Pull a C clip off to remove the entire assembly Use a punch to drive the shaft out of the black choke pull knob. Cut a bit off the choke pull knob and the shaft the knob sits one. Drill out the black plastic knob so that the larger base of the shaft will fit back in, and glue it back on. Thanks for the idea.
  11. The original relied on the pictures to explain. It's pretty hard to understand based on the text. Anyone do this that could add a description? Is it just the shaft that the choke button is on, as well as the black plastic button that is being cut? Drill until the black plastic comes off, shorten both shaft and choke pull button, then remount? Thanks
  12. Solcat

    Front sprocket wear DRZ400E

    That would get you in trouble in California, as throwing stars have been made illegal.