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  1. ????????
  2. anyone know???
  3. ive heard from alot of people that a learner in s.a is only allowed to ride a 250 is this true? also does anyone from s.a know if i have to be 16 to get my motorbike licence or 16 and 9 months?
  4. ok so that means when i get my l's ill be able to ride a wr450f? what is the power to weight ration for the 450? it is street legal isnt it?
  5. anyone from australia?
  6. hey i need some information on getting a licence in australia. is anyone from here? i have look on the transport s.a website and searched google but im not sure if i can ride a wr450f on the road when i get it. help would be much appreciated thanx, scott
  7. thanx for that! great info! wat do u guys think of the bike?
  8. hey this is it ^^ if that doesnt work look in my garage! my uncle wants $8000 AUD for it. 2005 model, 2570 kms, no scratches visible, ver well maintained and well looked after! do you think $8000 grand is a reasonable price or is he ripping me off?
  9. 170km r u sure thats rite?
  10. ok so what are the cheap mods that will make a wr450f go faster?
  11. ok lets hope so.. do the wr450fs have a higher top speed than the crf250r?
  12. anyone?
  13. anyone?
  14. sounds fairly straight forward. i have been thinkin, all my mates have crf250rs and some have 125s. do u guys think il be able to keep up with them or will they kain me off? i ride mostly trails with them, i also ride flat tracks and occasionly ride tight cornered tracks!
  15. hey, i was just wondering if anyone knew the speed difference on these 2 bikes. all my mates have a crf250r. i am buying a wrf450r so i was just wondering il be able to keep up with them or will i kain them off? p.s i ride mostly trails flat tracks and some tight cornered tracks!