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  1. I Love My YZ butt I Love my MOPED more...........Especially with a Fat Chick on the Back!
  2. Craigslist Totally Rocks......Maybe you should try posting it in the "Motorcycle" section instead of the "Men looking for Men" section!
  3. I Prefer Tall Boots, that way the Sheep Can't get away!!!!!!
  4. idle it a couple minutes then ride. You need to do a minimum of 12 MPH to keep enough air across the rad. you just got it too hot. Top it off, and ride!!
  5. 14/48 Desert 14/50 technical 13/50 very tech o4 YZ 450
  6. I've ridden Yamaha since I was 9. I ride alot by myself, and NEVER been left stranded 20 miles from home. As far as why 450, I love having more power than anybody needs. I love going to fast, and still have throttle left. But I'm just a Dirt Merchant Throttle Jocky with an insatiable love for dust clouds and mud puddles
  7. Usually a couple sizes up or down on the main works for seasonal jetting for me, but I;m in California, so no great temp changes
  8. Try it and see if its better, but you will most likely have to change at least the main
  9. I'm getting ready to fire up the 450 and see if I cant make it in the police blotter
  10. I've ridden at Jeremy's and the surronding area's of Riverside County! No love for the mtorbike there!!
  11. Ok I'll go with the more fuel theroy, I completely cleaned tank and carb and ran fresh fuel and new plug. Bringing it home tomorrow where I have means and can be more detailed in the diagnostics, but dont wanna spend to much time since i'll sell it for $200-$400! Ill keep it posted, ThanX
  12. ThanX mihylo and Uncle Alpo for help I can use! I'm bringing it home tomorrow where i have the means and can get more detailed in my diagnostics. Dont want to spend to much time since i'll sell it $200-$400 + Im working on a Honda NX250 as well as trying not to neglect my 2 YZ's and Harley. Thanks again
  13. carb problem, in what regard? I've got it totally clean, idle, air/fuel set per the book as well as more/less. Its getting fuel per the wet plug. It seems like it needs something more combustable (carb cleaner) Am I way off track with a weak coil theroy? ThanX
  14. Yes it run pretty good