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  1. DrewL

    Which is worth more?

    I asked a fairly easy question. My medical issues really are not germane to the issue I presented. Why do you think that not stating my physiology was not wise? I really regret even posting the question. My apologies for using the bandwidth. Good day.
  2. DrewL

    Which is worth more?

    Thanks for the replies so far... My conundrum is this: I have an SM, on which I put a set of S wheels. I sold the SM wheel setup. An elbow injury is keeping from riding for some time. I'll have to shell out extra $$ to buy another set of SM wheels to return the bike to stock, and I don't want to spend the bucks if I don't have to. If the bike is less appealing from a marketing standpoint, I'll have to bite the bullet and buy the SM wheels, and sell the S setup.
  3. DrewL

    Which is worth more?

    Swapped. Just the 'S' wheels.
  4. DrewL

    Which is worth more?

    Hypothetical question: If you were in the market for a 2006 SM, black, with 3800 wiles, which would you be more inclined to buy: A) Totally stock (except the required 3X3 and rejet), -or- Same as above, except with a set of 21/18 'S' wheels and dual-sport tires? This is not a solicitation, I'm just looking for objective opinions
  5. DrewL

    SM inverted forks

    From the part number research I've done, the linkages are the same. I looks like the SM swingarm is a bit shorter in length. Once I have the S forks mounted, I'll see how the static height looks in the rear and go from there. Thanks to the folks who contributed constructive responses to my post.
  6. DrewL

    SM inverted forks

    To each his own, brother.
  7. DrewL

    SM inverted forks

    I'm going with the traditional S fork setup because the SM's are not really set up for offrowd work. I'm not looking at dumping a bunch of money in springs and a revalve on the inverteds if I can get a set of S forks for a C note:ride: If the SM forks are only going for $178, I'm going to hang mine in the garage.
  8. DrewL

    SM inverted forks

    I'm still in the midst of converting my '06 SM to an S. I have some S forks and trees coming to me via eBay, and will be looking to offload the SM forks and trees. ****This is not a solicitation to sell, so please don't PM me**** I'm looking for educated estimates from the market (you) as to what the SM forks and trees are worth, before I sell them. Any replies, guesses or valuations are appreciated.
  9. DrewL

    Which Version? S or SM?

    If I were to do it all over again (I have the SM), I would buy the S. The DRZ is a much better dirt bike than a street bike, and I have even done a track day when I had the SM wheels. I sold the SM wheel set and bought a set of slightly used 21/18 'S' wheels on eBay. An S would be a fine all-around bike. You would be hard-pressed to exceed its limits on the street, and it is much better suited for off-roading than an SM with two rear tires on it. Just my .02
  10. Off to *Bay and the TT classifieds...
  11. I may just do that. My original thinking was to just convert the SM all the way to S or E status. The SM wheels will go, though. I like the 21"/18" combo in the dirt:ride:
  12. Already have the S wheels.
  13. Since I'm really digging the newfound offroad capabilities of my DRZ-SM with S wheels and knobbies, I'm thinking of keeping it that way. I'd like to pick up a set of used S forks, and sell my SM forks and wheels. This is not a solicitation, I'm only looking for market values:prof: What do you think they'd bring? Thanks.
  14. DrewL

    2002s wheels on 2007sm

    Yes. I'm in the process of doing just that right now. The speedo will be off unless you change the drive on the front wheel (eBay).
  15. DrewL

    Anyone running a 14/46 on and SM?

    Sorry. I guess I need to clarify. The wheels I bought were off of an 'S'. They are the 21"/18" with non- DOT knobbies. I'm looking for lower gearing for trail riding. I have the stock SM wheels for the street. My main concern is the stock chain length with the 14/46 combo. Thanks.