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  1. I need a skid plate for my 2003 WR 250. I'm looking for full coverage and easy install. What are your suggestions?
  2. I'm a older rider getting back into the sport. I have only ridden my "new to me" WR 250F at Hodges Village in Oxford, MA. How do the other area (Freetown, Wrentham and Franklin) compare to Hodges? I'm looking for something closer but I don't want to go somewhere if the trails are above my skill level. Any comments?
  3. I was warming up my WR this evening and noticed that the header pipe looked to br glowing red. Is this normal. I've only had the bike for a few weeks and never noticed this before. I rode it around and everything seemed just fine. Is it because of the titanium header? Anyone else have any input. Thanks.
  4. I have not ridden in the dirt for years. I want to get back into it but am unsure about what bike would be good for me. I only want to buy once so I want to get something I can grow into. I don't want to go too big and be in over my head. I have my sights on an 03 WR 250F. The bike is mint. Would this be a good choice? I've ridden for years but most recently on the street.