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  1. killer1994


    sounds like you guys have great luck with tag bars, I have not heard of them before i'll check them out I really appreciate it thanks
  2. killer1994


    sounds like you guys have great luck with tag bars, I have not heard of them before i'll check them out I really appreciate it thanks
  3. killer1994

    Yamaha handlebars

    rolled the new wolverine last night, all it did was bend the bars slightly. looking for something stronger who do you recomend and why, cost is no issue. thanks
  4. killer1994

    Lets see some pics of your WR's

    dirt rebel that thing looks great, it all it's many faces, but I really like the mx version. looks good man
  5. killer1994

    Lets see some pics of your WR's

    Guys these are really nice lookin, black and blue thumper that is one of the sickest looking ones I have seen, where did you find the graphics for it? Also I see every has gotten rid of the rear fender, are those stock yzf fenders on there, cause they look really good.
  6. killer1994

    Which bike to buy?

    Interesting stuff here. I am torn between the KTM and the WR450. I gotta say I really like that KTM, which one has more power, the Wr sounds like it does from what i read. Some have said the front end of the Ktm is hard to get up in the air over roots and rocks, a little heavy maybe. If I do the free mods on both which I WILL, which do you think has more power? I know the wr is 50cc bigger so I would imagine that. Also I read the both need to run a 13t spocket up front to really come alive, truth to this? I have never riden a KTm before and I am also lovin the fact that they put some serious aftermarket parts on to start with. Do they have better suspension to jump with? Thanks for all the replies I have been getting this forum kicksass.
  7. lets see some pics of those beast, how custom have you got yours? I saw one on here with 50th anniversary yellow on it and it looked sick. wish yami would have made that this year
  8. killer1994

    Which bike to buy?

    it looks like the WR450 is probably what I will be going for, I have been reading so much on it online and no one seems to have any problems with it that would indicate a trend of unreliability. I really liked the KTM but I am seeing everyone who loves it, still seem to have some type of problems with it. Killer
  9. killer1994

    Which bike to buy?

    So is the Wr450 a low maintenance machine? I obviously will do the routine and regular maintanence, but I don't want to open the head every month to "check if I'm gonna need shims before riding again". It sounds very reliable and powerful, I like it better than the DRZ400 but haven't heard that it has the same type of low maintenance. And forgive me for not understanding or knowing but who is "pedro" thanks
  10. Hi all, New to the forum and have been considering gettign back into riding. I haven't in about 12 years. I am 30 now and weigh 190 at 6'0. I have always had dir bikes when growing up, all 4 strokes XR200r's and TS185 and DR375. Now I want to get back into it. I am loving these new 4 strokers that have come out. I will be riding PA woods and trails wich are usually tight with lots of roots and rocks, riverbeds, train tracks, etc. I have been looking mainly at 450's. want a reliable bike that does NOT require mass amounts of maintenance. I read all these newer bikes needing Valve adjustments at 15-20 hours and oil changes every other hour, that's just ridiculous. I have never done maintenance on the previous bikes other than oil changes twice a year, and never had a problem with them. I never had to look at valves. It doesn't scare me to do so as I am proficent in mechanics. but I just want to ride the damn thing not wrench it. I am looking at buying new also so the idea of paying 5-7000 for a bike that requires so much maintenance scares me. My choices are as follows KTM400EXC (have heard great reliability and valves don't require shims) CRF450X (have heard to much maintenance and oil and tranny capacity to small) WR450F (have not heard much about anything as far as maintenance and reliability) DRZ400 (heard nothing but good about reliability, no maintenance, but the bike really doesn't apeal to me in any way) KLX300 (probably to small for me) anyone have any other suggestions? I really like the ktm but am concerned. So what do i go with in your opinion which has the most bang and least maintenance? thanks all