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  1. The Dukes of Cylce launch thier new site in style. Great shop, I get all my work done there and the prices/service are the best in the GTA. They just launched their new website and have great specials. You can also win a brand Repsol CBR 1000 from them. Visit for all the great deals and details on how to win the bike. Only 254 tickets will be sold.
  2. hey 02YZ426 check your PM please?
  3. Hey Guys, I still have the Motopark pass. It's a $120 value good for 4 visits or 4 people. It gives you acces to all the tracks and trails at Motopark. I am letting it go for $60, thats half price guys so act fast. PM me if you are interested. I can arrange to meet you somewhere or you could pay via Paypal and i can mail you the pass. Let me know.
  4. Ok sold my Motorcycle Carrier. I still have the Motopark pass, i will sell it for $60 thats half price. Let me know if you want it.
  5. I have a new one for sale, PM me for more info. I need to get it out of my garage so let me know. Great price.
  6. remember i have a pass for sale. i am only asking 85 dollars, it's good for 4 riders or 4 visits.
  7. Remember i have a pass for sale, it's good for 4 people. 120 value for only 90. Awya14 you can pick it from me anytime or i can meet you somwhere. Let me know
  8. ok let me know. The pass is good for the rest of the year so if you know anyone that wants to go to Motopark for a day with some buddies it would be perfect. I still have the Motorcycle Carrier, a guy was suppose to come see it last night but he never showed. Thanks Again
  9. Killer do you still want the Motopark Pass? i need to sell it soon.
  10. Thanks bro, i appreciate that and will take you up on the 50-70's idea, at least i will get to ride dirt. Let me know if you know anyone that wants the Motopark pass and the Motorcycle carrier.
  11. not to ride but i would love to go hang out with you guys, get some video and photos,
  12. Looks like dirt bike season is over for me this year. I will have to get surgery on my wrist in order to repair the damage done over the years. Hopefully everything will go good and i can be back to normal next season. It sucks but that's life i guess. So I still have the Motopark pass for sale (Killer check your PM) it's 120 value and good for 4 visits or 4 people. I am selling it fro $90. I also have a (Boss Motorcycle Carrier i paid $660 and will sell for - $525) Check out the link below for all the details on the product. Thanks guys for all your help getting me back into the sport, hope to ride with you all soon.
  13. Palette i sent you an email.
  14. I might be trying a bike on the weekend with Palette. His Budy his selling his bike and he will let me try it out on the weekend if the weather holds up.
  15. Good stuff, Did you ever go back to Newmarket?