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  1. cheen

    need xr 50 motor

    Yes I do all work myself but splitting case and and getting rod out and installing a new rod is a bit much for me right now. Im sure its doeable but I would rather bolt in a new case. There are surprisingly not many stock 50 motors available in my area, mostly aftermarket stuff.... Thanx Cheen
  2. Son hydrolocked his xr 50 . Bent rod and broke cylinder. Looking for a stock motor if anyone knows where to get one, ebay is mostly china stuff..Thanx Cheen
  3. My son hydrolocked his 01 xr 50. Bent connecting rod and split the cylinder. I am looking for a used stock motor to bolt in, as it seems pricey to have a new rod installed. Any help appreciated....Thanx Cheen
  4. cheen

    96 xr 600R stalling

    Thanx guys, raised idle and pilot screw out 2 3/4 turn and is much better, but idle is anoyingly high but did not stall ......Thanx , Cheen
  5. cheen

    96 xr 600R stalling

    Looking for some advice on a 96 xr600r, its uncorked w/ pipe, filter and jets are #68 pilot and 158 main, air screw seems best 2 3/4 to 3 turns out (dont know needle setting). Valve setting good, compression good ,snorkel removed and it runs strong in every gear all the way from low rpm to high.Problem is it STALLS coming off idle most of the time weather hot or cold, its been doing it for a long time and it blows.It runs so good Im afraid to mess w/ jets. Off idle w/ just a small blip of throttle it stalls, w/ a small slight backfire sometimes. Any help appreciated.........Cheen
  6. Correct there is no cable,manual or mechanical...is this a problem? it seems fine w/o ?????How does the jetting #'s sound to you,is the pilot to large maybe?????I will try your pilot test I printed out and see what she reads later this week....Thanx ,Cheen
  7. Thanx Eddie,decomp cable is disconnected and removed?????
  8. Hello all,I have a slight clicking sound coming from upper shock bushing on a 96 xcr600r.The bushing feels tight but does make a slight clicking should I replace upper and lower bushings to be safe or is this normal.btw I have an 84'xr350r and its tighter and no click??????/any info appreciated....Cheen
  9. Hello all,first post on this forum .I have a 96' xr600r used, w/lots of mods,the only problem is it stalls when it feels like it ,usually coming off high rpm into a turn or burm, but not always???Bike has white bros. filter (clean and oiled)super trap exhaust, pipe and all(8 plates) keihin pd 8af B jd W/#68 pilot and #158 main dont know needle setting yet.2.5 turns on pilot seems best but intermitent stalling is getting OLD....bike also has baja kit and is plated any help appreciated...Cheen (north east)