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  1. glen goodell

    2012 KTM extra's

    what is all in the tool kit kit part? spoke wrench, spark plug wrench?
  2. glen goodell

    2012 KTM extra's

    Ordered my 1st KTM, a 2012 250 SX. Could you KTM owners tell me what accesories they come with as in: extra jets, power valve springs. What else should I expect?
  3. glen goodell

    wr 500

    any way of getting copies of those wrench reports?
  4. glen goodell

    I hate to say it but......................

    honda is blowing smoke up everyones you know what! They say they are a four stroke company so they don't make 2 - strokes yet I guess everyone forgets about their electric/ hybrids and their private jets they make. A jet engine is far from four stroke! I have also said on these posts numerous times that your trains and cruise ships are two-strokes. Look it up, they can be running on diesal, gas, or whatever they design them to be.
  5. glen goodell

    Helena Montana GP Race! 9/26/2010

    I am anti Helena track club. I drove 8 hours to visit the daughter in Helena and brought the bike. Talked to the local Yamaha dealer about places to ride and he told me about the track and club so I called the president of the club and no temp./day passes or anything. Very rude.
  6. glen goodell

    desert races

    Does anyone know if the bikes still overall the big desert races over all the trucks and buggies? They always used to report that the winning bike was always faster than the vehicles. I would guess they still are!
  7. glen goodell

    Are there any Wyoming riders?

    I live in the Douglas area, 45 minutes from Casper and I know of a lot of any kind of riding around here.
  8. glen goodell

    Racetech (Italy) rear fender ORDER Race Tech

    I will take 2 in blue.
  9. glen goodell


    People seem to forget or just don't know that your trains and cruise ships are two-strokes!
  10. glen goodell

    yz related ktm 250 test...

    I have been studying the KTM two-strokes the last couple of weeks with an open mind for the future and I must say they do have some nice attributes and their hard parts dept which is like the GYTR is very impressive. I see a new 2011 KTM if Yamaha does nothing!
  11. glen goodell

    surviving till they upgrade

    All right fellow YZ 2-stroke fans, this is my plan too get through 2010 with my YZ250. First of all I will start at the front. I will order a 2010 YZF front fender [ kinda ugly but it is new], numberplate and fork guards. I am almost positive they will bolt right on. Next I will order the racetech rear fender for more modern styling and then do the side numberplate mods that you guys have been showing. As far as the tank and shroud go just remember this. When Yamaha first came out with the 2002 design YZ 2-strokes the big thing Yamaha advertised was that it was the first and only too this day that I am aware of dirt bike that was wind tunnel tested to get all the right flow through the radiators and the airbox. Just look at the bike closely and you can see how all the holes and cutouts flow. Look at all other dirtbikes and it is all an after thought and is only about cosmetics. As far as the motor and suspension, that is limitless and as modern as any of the four strokes.
  12. glen goodell

    Racetech straight rear fender pics for 05-09 2strks

    I would like to order a few of these racetech rear fenders but there is no distributer in the US. Where and how did you get yours?
  13. glen goodell

    Vote for the Two stroke, again!

    Will the 250 two strokes be able to use the 125/250f minimum weight limit in the 250f class. They never did allow the two strokes too lower their weight limit when they brought on the four strokes. The two strokes are at the minimum weight limit stock. A factory would be able too take a stock 250 two stoke and get way more horsepower than stock and bring the weight closer too 200lbs. They could even make a 180lb 125 two stroke. The power to weight ratios would make them even more competetive. I am sure a 200lb 55hp 250 two stroke would even be competetive against a 450!
  14. glen goodell

    Replacing Fork Air Bleed Screw?

    Try a Kawasaki parts fiche on a newer model. They are the same and they will come in aluminum.
  15. glen goodell

    Deals on 05-07 YZ 250?

    I had my 2006 motor completely done up by Vickory Motorsports in CO so I just swapped top ends!