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    Pro Circuit Questions.. looking at cam and ignition for an 06

    Yes, I have the pro circuit Valve Spring kit on its way, as well as the Webcam buckets. I just cant really decide on which way to go as far as the cams, although being able to fine tune the timing with the web cams seems like a pretty good idea so Im leaning that way. Thanks for the input
  2. I just got my head back and my recommendation is to run web cams, but since all the cams are the same 04-06 Im not sure if anyone has tried the web cams or if people have found the pro circuit cams to make more power, reliability isnt really a concern as long as it can go a few hours lol. Also Pro circuit vs. big gun ignitions, im not completly sold on an ignition but both seem alrite Im just looking for opinions from people that have tried either. Any help is appreciated, thanks.