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  1. ford86

    South East GNCC races

    Raced Steel Creek for the first time last year and had a blast. It was muddy and slick, those bridges were like ice, one of the toughest races I had ever been in but also one of the best.
  2. ford86

    Busco Beach, NC

    Busco is getting alot better for bikes. Theres still alot of free riding but you can make some good jumps with a little imagination. Went riding out there about 3 weeks ago and there was more bikes out there than I had ever seen before. One of my friends talked to the owner and he said that they were going to start building a track that next week. The track is going to be on the right as you are coming in to the main entrance where you pay. I haven't heard any feedback about the track yet but I hope its good, I will keep you posted if I hear anything.
  3. Don't understand why everyone is hating on this place, went for the first time Thanksgiving weekend and had a really good time. Thought the trails were in great shape, yea alot of four wheeler double track but big deal, take the inside or outside line get over it. The big back outdoor track was in great condition and I really liked all the big step up jumps and off camber turns they had, even the round track they have was fun just to do something different. I will be going going back. Just my 2 cents.
  4. ford86

    Action Alert

    Just sent an e-mail to my senators to vote no.
  5. ford86

    Supermoto, I don't get it.

    I think that is a Honda CR450.
  6. ford86

    Supermoto, I don't get it.

    Did I see a DRZ 400SM jumping Laroccco's leap? I didn't think that was possible.
  7. ford86

    Buy the '87 or '94 CR500 ??

    There's no comparing these bikes because the 94 is so much better in every catagory. The only thing I can say about the 87 model is it was the fastest 500 I have ever ridden. Trying to ride the 87 model on the track with that powerful motor and bad suspension is a handfull. The 94 model has good suspension, turns very well and the motor is very smooth and powerful. Both bikes are a hoot to ride but Honda made big improvements in those six years of developing these bikes.
  8. ford86

    Brushy Mtn connection

    Brushy kicks major butt, we had a great time riding and camping this weekend. Thanks:banana:
  9. ford86

    Brushy Mtn connection

    Looks like a great weekend to go ride at Brushy Mountain. I am fired up about riding this weekend.
  10. ford86

    Brushy Mtn connection

    Planning on going to brushy riding october 4th and 5th with some friends. Are things looking a little drier up their? Is finding gas and diesel a big problem in Statesville, usually fill back up for the ride back home their. Finding fuel where I stay in the Dunn/Benson area is not a problem. Thanks for the info
  11. ford86

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    NCMP would be a great place to take the family riding, kids track, big easy track, AMA track and trails. Nice people run it also.
  12. ford86

    reeds racing steel city

    That sounds good, hopefully with a little luck he can stop Stewart's win streak. Go Reed!
  13. ford86

    Cape Fear ATV/MX Park and Family Campground

    Rode their last weekend and had a real good time. This place has alot of potential. The track was definitely better than I expected. The track has a good layout to it. They have a real sweet tabletop jump that is about 60' feet long that is very smooth. They have alot of small doubles and tabletops that range in size. If you like loamy sand turns you will love the track. The trails were cool to if you like more of a faster trail with some sand whoops on a few of the trails, not alot of tight stuff. They also have some mud trails for ATV's that looked pretty tuff. One of the most fun things we did their was jump a creek that they had built a steel bridge over on one of the trails. The bridge was built just like a tabletop jump. It was about 40 feet long, it was cool to jump the whole thing, wish I would have had my camera with me it would have made for a good picture. I will be coming back again in the near future for sure.
  14. ford86

    Cape Fear ATV/MX Park and Family Campground

    cfatv, Me and some friends will be there Saturday morning about 9:00am. Looking forward to riding at your new place. We are from the Dunn/Benson area.
  15. ford86

    Cape Fear ATV/MX Park and Family Campground

    Me and some buddies are planning on checking ya'll out August 2nd, thats a Saturday. What are your weekend hours as we would get their early to try and beat the heat a little? We all ride motorcycles and would love to check the track out. We also love to trail ride also. We all live in the Dunn/Benson area so not to far away. Thanks