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  1. Sawblade

    Chest Protectors

    I'm very happy with the 661 Prodigy.
  2. Sawblade

    09 KX450 Crank

    From my experience with a Wiseco crank I placed in a RMZ 450 that let go at 28 hours, I would spend the extra dollars and go with the OEM unit.
  3. Sawblade

    Fork Height For 22 MM Offset Clamps

    I purchased a set of 22 mm offset clamps that will be here this week for my 09. What height is everyone running their forks at?
  4. Sawblade

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    Thanks for the clarification, left my reading glass at work and couldn't make out the decimal point!
  5. Sawblade

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    I'm I reading this right, he is suing for ten million dollars? http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo154/TooOldToPlay/LawsuitPg1.jpg http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo154/TooOldToPlay/LawsuitPg2.jpg
  6. Sawblade

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    Since you're such a good friend, why don't you set up a fund to help your buddy out. Friends in need are friends in deed.... o yeah, Shane has insurance... which makes it even more strange that he sued.
  7. Sawblade

    Oil scavenge screen on New bike?

    Look at post # 25 in this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=699043&highlight=sawblade
  8. Sawblade

    Pro Action suspension

    I went with Pro Action on my 09 since there is a shop an hour from me. They took care of my concerns with the stock suspension. I will be a repeat customer when the time comes again.
  9. Sawblade

    What air filter you runnin?

    Been using Twin Air filters for years, no need to try anything else in my book.
  10. Sawblade

    cheap fuel barrel pump options

    A quick search for "gas hand pump" brings up several items. http://www.truckntow.com/showproduct.aspx?affiliateid=10050&ProductID=23280
  11. Sawblade

    Oil Scavenge Screen on 2009 KX450F

    I removed the oil screen today from my 2009 KX 450. About 1/3 of the screen had gasket material and some small metal shavings on it. The gasket material was one long single piece. I'm at 36.3 hours on the motor. [/img] I had to use a small 90 degree pick to get behind the cover to expose the oil screen. [/img] Yup, I was a little suprised at how much gasket material was on the screen! [/img] A little carb cleaner and compressed air and the oil screen was clean and ready to be put back into the big green 450.
  12. Sawblade

    Official KX 450's in action photos.

    The 1st two pictures are Elk River MX outside Pineville, MO. The 2nd two pictures are River Valley MX outside of Siloam Springs, AR. mxmat813 - Nice big air and I dig the berm railing picture. Is that you house in the background?
  13. Sawblade

    Official KX 450's in action photos.

    Dude, nothing personal, guess you missed the big grin at the end of my post... just having a little fun myself.
  14. Sawblade

    Motocross Track Website

    A results page... that gets updated within 24 hrs of a race.
  15. Sawblade

    Official KX 450's in action photos.

    Um, yeah, about that... I've been running #7 since 1986 on four different brands of bikes.