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  1. yamadog 426

    Please help part 2

    no offense taken, i read the same manual,
  2. yamadog 426

    Please help part 2

    i think the bike is flooded. my bike did the same thing. the three kicks in the beginning by pulling in the decomp lever could be flooding it. i had to let my bike sit for a day. do not put your hand on the throttle when kicking it u might be unintentionally giving it gas.
  3. yamadog 426

    New Ttr 125 Exhaust Mod

    here is three pictures thx for fillin me in on how to post them
  4. yamadog 426

    New Ttr 125 Exhaust Mod

    im new to this how do you post them
  5. yamadog 426

    XT600 Question

    The Right Way Is With The O Ring, The Cheep Way Is With Some Rtv Silicone
  6. yamadog 426

    New Ttr 125 Exhaust Mod

    I Tried The "washer" Mod On My Son's 06 And The Exhaust Gasses Were Forced Back Torwards The Driver(not Safe). I Removed The Cap On The End Of The Exhaust And Opened Up The Exit Hole With A 1 1/4" Hole Saw. I Set The Cap Upright In A Drill Press And Held It With A Small Vice And My Hand. I Drilled Out The Small Hole In The End With The Hole Saw. I Used Light Pressure Because The Hole Saw Wanted To "walk Around". The Center Drill Bit, On The Hole Saw, Did Not Have Anything To Drill Into To Keep It Centered. The 1 1/4" Hole Saw Is The Perfect Size To Open Up The Exit Hole But It Will Keep The Spark Arrestor Intact. I Filed The Inside Edge Of The Hole With A Rat Tail File And Painted It With Flat Black Paint. The Exhaust Looks And Sounds Great. I Went Riding This Weekend And The Ranger Inspected The Exhaust. It Passed With Flying Colors. I Also Did The Air Box Mod And Rejeted 17.5/110. Bike Runs Outstanding.