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  1. 1984_RM125_obsession

    RM80 has water in transmission oil

    I seem to have the same issue: trans oil turns milky Grey color after a short time. my head gasket seems slightly damaged. and i do mysteriously lose coolant. This could also be caused by the lack of a bottle of bar's leaks, coolant leaks past seals by design. or that is my understanding.
  2. 1984_RM125_obsession

    RM 125 Trail suggestions? Mod or practice? "Long"

    I trail ride my RM125 on a daily basis. I found keeping your revs up/using the clutch is something you will begin to do naturally as you begin to feel the difference between what your machine can and needs a little help doing. I felt a little improvements in the mild port polish process. I felt big improvements in my low end torque with boysen power reeds and the much disputed ICatGBsixt device. I also use a iridium spark plug the key to low end power in my case is using the wasted air fuel mixture naturally expelled by my exhaust pipe via achieving a more complete,and efficient burn. just my experience