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  1. just got my first XR650R, street legal. I have it up on the stand and I was pushing the engine over by hand using the kick starter, right on the towards TDC on the compression stroke there is a very audible click, and you can feel it to. Is this normal? sounds weird to me.
  2. ifurlong

    2000 cr250 bowl leaking

    thanks for all the input. I did replace the needle so that shouldn't be the issue. I did feel the 16mm was a little ambiguous as where exactly to read it, there was a few mm's between closed and when the floats seated. I was blowing through the fuel inlet and letting the float come down to see when the needle closed. I will try and adjust the float a little more to see if that fixes it, but as I have it now it is right at 16mm.
  3. ifurlong

    2000 cr250 bowl leaking

    I have had this bike for about a year, it always has leaked fuel when not running. I just took apart the carb, checked the float level, replaced the float needle, and the thing still leaks! I dont know what else to look for? anyone know? thanks
  4. ifurlong

    82 Xr200r

    I just got this from a neighbor. It runs, and is in bad cosmetic condition, but I think I am going to do a full resto. I just have newer bikes, is there a list of common mods and or tips/tricks you know about? any info would be great. And if there is common parts swaping done, I wonder if a set of forks off of a newer XR200 with disc breaks will slip on fo example. thanks
  5. ifurlong

    2000 cr250 parts swaping

    I have a 2000 250, the swingarm is a bit ragged, I am wondering what years will fit, I would like to go newer. Also, will the tripple clamps off of a newer cr fit? any other parts interchange info? thanks
  6. I have an 02 KTM 520 SX. I live in CA but my parents live in Utah. I am wondering if anyone here knows if I can get my bike street legal in Utah? I would either keep it registered there or I would try and get the "street legalness" transfered to CA later.
  7. ifurlong

    2000 CR250 parts interchangability

    I am wondering since the pegs are different if the bracket the peg attaches to will interchange? if so I can then use the 02 bracket and get the pegs I want.
  8. ifurlong

    2000 CR250 parts interchangability

    mroneeyedboh, your not hijacking anything, lets get this thread going, I am sure I am not the only one out there who is dismayed at the lack of after market parts of the 2000-2001 CR250's
  9. ifurlong

    2000 CR250 parts interchangability

    more parts I am wondering about; brake calipers
  10. I have a 2000 CR250. I keep running into "we don't make these for 2000-01" I am wondering if anyone here knows if the following parts might interchange with my 2000; footpegs off of 2002-up CR/CRF GPS V2 submount stabilizer off of 2002-up CR/CRF there may be more, I will add to list. thanks
  11. ifurlong

    Bars for the Big Boy

    I use the Pro-Taper ATV hi bend. It is the highest and is pretty flat in the pull back.
  12. I have heard that getting more compression on the 2000 cr250 will liven up the bottom end, what are my options as to doing this and any specs would help?
  13. I dont have my manual, how do you adjust the valves on my 02 520 SX and what are the clearences
  14. ifurlong

    selling my RL250

    I have a great running RL250, everything works great, just the usual tank leak. What should I ask for this. thanks