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  1. 42Jay

    atv acceleration shootout

    We have large get togethers on our farm with many of these quads and the 525 outlaw usally is in the front, its only mods are jetted and a slip on.
  2. 42Jay

    Michaux state forest

    Hello, I have been riding in Michaux for 20 some years. It is rocky but beutiful. The 700xx will be fine with the ground clearence, but the 250ex will be much closer to snagging rocks. She will have to be cautious with them. It is a nice mountian ride. Jay.
  3. 42Jay

    Engine Oil

    Amen on the bel-ray thumper oil. Some of you really wast oil, I change the bel-ray thumper oil every 3 to 4,000 miles and it still looks new!
  4. 42Jay

    jetting advice

    dj160, needle 4th groove down from the top.
  5. 42Jay

    WOW! KLR650 carb parts

    Hey guys, Any of you have klr650 friends? I wanted to let you know, I had a 99 Kawasaki KLR650, and I now have a 2008 DR650SE. I found my old dynojet kit for my KLR650. I took the carb off my DR650SE and pulled the factory needle out. The factory KLR650 needle with the stock DR650 white plastic spacer is very simular to the Dr650 dynojet needle when the dynojet needle is set on the 3rd notch! The stock jet in my DR650 is a 140 and the stock jet in the KLR650 is a 148. So I installed the stock KLR650 parts in my DR650 carb and WOW!!! It runs perfect!! My setup is stock exhaust, snorkle out of the air box,screen still in place, header weld ground out,KLR650 stock jet and needle, slide drilled, and wow!! NO poping or backfiring whatsoever!!! It now will pull the front tire in 1st and 2nd gear with the throttle. You may be able to get this stuff free!!!! Good luck, Jay.
  6. 42Jay

    Slight Bog at midrange? help !!!!!

    I also have a 2008 with the same setup you are using I installed the DJ170 last night and I get one loud backfire and a flame with it on decel! Im guessing its too rich? Maybe some one can tell me. I guess I will try the DJ160 next.
  7. 42Jay

    D.O.T. Knobby Tires

    Between my 98 KLR650 & my 08 DR650 I have ran many differant tires and the Pirelle mt21's are far more suprior to all the others. They last 30 to 50% longer than the Dunlop 606's. They are just as good off road, quieter on road, and handle much better than the dunlops on twisty roads. Just my 2 cents.
  8. 42Jay

    08 DR 650 prices

    Hello, I bought a 2008 dr650se in black at Track n Trail in state collage, Pa out the door price was $5066.70 starting price was $4495.00 Hope they have some left!!! I bought mine Feb 23 08. :thumbsup:
  9. 42Jay

    Headlight wattage question. Modulator too.

    Do not put that on your bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend was killed on a Ducati with one!!!!!!!! The other driver thought he was flashing his headlight so he pulled right out in front of him!!!!!!! It was taken to court by his parents, and the other guy won!!!!!!! Please be careful!!!
  10. 42Jay

    2008 dr650 carb issue

    The kickstand springs are defenetly stretched out! They have a 1/4" gap in both of them when they are off the bike. weired? Maybe hit by a rock?
  11. 42Jay

    2008 dr650 carb issue

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the carb off and it still looked new. I put everything back together and still cuts out when I ride it. I was coming back up the street and I hit a pot hole and it cut in and out??? what the heck???? I got back and studied my bike for awile and holy cow the side stand was barely pushing up on the kill switch!!!! I put a zip tie on the switch and went for a ride and it ran awsome!!! I didnt ride it since October 07. The bike set for 5 months and the kick stand springs are stretched out????? I bought it new in august 07. Does any one know of better springs??
  12. 42Jay

    Honda 300ex 22" for 20"?

    I bought my wife an 06 300ex. I think it handles awful. Will exchanging the rear 22" tires for 20" tires help the handling, and how much will it hurt the top speed? Let me know. Thanks.
  13. 42Jay

    2008 dr650 carb issue

    I called the local cycle shop and he said turning the carb side ways caused dirt to possably enter the main jet! Does any body agree? I guess i'll pull the carb and clean it.
  14. 42Jay

    2008 dr650 carb issue

    I have 800 miles on the bike, I loosened and turned the carb on its side, drilled the cap on the fuel air mix screw, pulled it off so I can adjust it, I turned the screw in the whole way, then I turned it out 2 full turns. I took it for a ride and now at full throttle it backfires and boggs out. What should I look for, or Where should I set the screw?
  15. 42Jay

    Bmw F650gs

    thanks guys.