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  1. I race ktm 400.My hands also go to sleep on my cruiser in the morning on the way to work,but after working all day the trip home is fine.May have to suck it up and go see doc.
  2. Hands go numb for first 3/4 of enduro.After first 1/4 mile they go numb,when I reach reset I can shake it off but once I get back started they go numb again.Towards end of race they get better but not 100%.They also fall asleep at night while sleeping.Need fix NOW!
  3. OffRoad

    Row 31,can't wait
  4. Hopefully it will dry up fast.
  5. Race rescheduled for april 4th & 5th
  6. I may have done the same thing,does the metal tit point up or down?