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  1. Thats pretty intense.... and most likely a lot of fun... but my life is worth too much to me for that kind of risk! I love TP though!
  2. Wow... I can not believe anyone gave you bad gas for that post... talk about starting a fight then crying about it. Some people around here really are big babies. Oh well.
  3. I agree.... I had a GSX-R 750 and it was a blast, I went through a phase of riding like a mad man on the freeway whipping in and out of cars, but I quickly realized endangering others was pretty stupid. From that point on, if I wanted to ride fast I would head up a canyon road on an early Monday morning when no one was around. Since, I have sold the Zuk and bought a Harley - Now I cruise around laid - back style, much safer!!!
  4. Haha good explanation - that concept tripped me out too, when I first started riding.
  5. caz700

    For exmlb...Jump That!

    They are easy for that reason. Of course, I thought they were pretty intimidating at first, too. Truth is they are easier to hit than most natural terrain jumps - thats why all the guys do the hard tricks off them. I know kids that can do cordova's over 60 foot gaps off of ramps, but can't ride natural terrain to save their lives - we call them "ramp kids" hahaha - original huh?
  6. caz700

    back to a 2 stroke

    How did it go at the track?
  7. You would be stupid not to race a bike that has been given a huge displacement advantage, no wonder these guys wanted to race them. Ask Carmicheal which he would prefer to race in sx/mx a 250 2 strk or a 250 4 strk if they were in the same class. I think the answer is obvious. Of course, your quoting these guys just solidifies what everyone else has been saying; the AMA rules caused the burst in popularity of the thumpers.
  8. caz700

    Wiseco Pistons Vs. Oem

    Alright..Im curious enough to get it and I'll let ya know what I think- just had a little panic attack! Ha... One question though, can you enlighten me on the heat cycles needed to break in? I know how to break in the OEM but this will be the first time with the forged piston.
  9. caz700

    Wiseco Pistons Vs. Oem

    You guys are killing me... I have YZ 250 cylinder size C. Just ordered a Weisco kit... now ya'll got me scared! I understood that the size differences (A,B,C,D) were like 40 ten thousanths and just not a problem. My understanding was that you have to warm the bike up better with a forged piston so you don't have a cold sieze. Other than that I was under the impression that the Weisco would last a lot longer, never break a skirt and was overall just a better piston. Never used one though and I don't want any slap or rapid wear on the cylinder!! Do I need to cancell my order?
  10. Getting my suspension re-done. Will be riding mostly MX, so the tuner will revalve it to mx. Curious though, I want to race some desert races. The tuner said that a progressive mx revalve will allow me to race desert pretty well, but that if he tunes it for desert or woods I wouldn't be able to ride MX very aggressively, so the MX revalve would be the best all round. Any thoughts??
  11. caz700

    Pima/Dynamite- Directions?

    I've ridden out at the Rolls, Sycamore, Gold canyon but have never been out to the Pima/Dynmite area. I have heard it is a fun place to ride... and after reading the thread started by Kenpo I went and checked out that throttle movie and I think its about time I check that place out. Not sure how to get there though. The directions I found on the net say to take Scottsdale rd. north to Dynamite rd. and then to Park on the corner and cross Dynamite rd. and follow some powerlines northeast on the dirt road. It said the singletrack shoots off to the right. I'm just curious if this is the right spot or if some of you guys that ride out there could give me some better directions to where that spot is that Kenpo's thread mentioned.
  12. caz700

    sick trail vid!!!

    I was wondering the same thing... when I had my suspension revalved they asked me "what kind of riding do you do? Desert, Moto, Enduro/woods?" All the guys I know with woods set ups are pretty soft for any moto stuff like that kid is doing??
  13. caz700

    Question about jump technique?

    Thanks for the tips... I think the reason I never nose dive is that first; I am not chopping the trottle on the lip, I let off just before the face of the jump and coast off the entire face, two; I will pre-load the suspension on certain jumps as you guessed and I do blip it in the air if the nose starts to lower. I am comfortable jumping with any of those techniques. I just need to go back and relearn to do the same jumps a gear lower with the throttle on. I worked on it for an hour this morning. Gotta keep after it- it does seem to change the dynamics.
  14. caz700

    Lever Position. WTF?

    interesting pics in light of the discussion; http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l247/kenpo360/55739_reed.jpg http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l247/kenpo360/REED_155_Low_Res.jpg
  15. caz700

    Question about jump technique?

    I think that is one of the problems.. the front end is going high and it sketches me out, especially over 50 foot double. Plus, I have gotten used to the take off feeling way smooth, and rolling the throttle of gives it more of a "chuck you off" kinda feeling.. Know what I mean? Guess I'll find a slower jump and start working on it...