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  1. kirkpatrick

    ASV Levers

    they should like he said they are tapered
  2. kirkpatrick

    Calling all Crash pictures, Bike and body damage

    My wife's second degree burn and my sister's femur with screw and rod
  3. kirkpatrick

    Are my chances better...

    You shouldn't but who cares. Is that little extra power gonna make you any faster?
  4. kirkpatrick

    Are my chances better...

    Use one because if you do start a fire I believe you are responcible for the damage. My crf450 threw alot of sparks when it didn't have a spark arrestor. If I had been in dry grass it would have started a fire for sure.
  5. kirkpatrick

    Its a long shot but...

    rear fender is cracked in about 20 pieces. plus they already looked like crap so i painted them. I used good paint that did the job well but my boots scratch it off a little at a time. I would just like it to look more original. some decent original ones would be ok
  6. kirkpatrick

    150 or 230 for girlfriend

    my girlfriend has a crf 150 and loves it. she is 5'4" and around 120. I suggested she get the 230 but wasn't comfortable with the hieght. so if she ever wants more power we can just do the mods. better for her to feel comfortable. also the 06 has electric start at first she said she didn't want it but now she loves it. especially when im' sitting there kicking my bike
  7. kirkpatrick

    Its a long shot but...

    been trying ebay. probably just going to have to live with the old ones.
  8. kirkpatrick

    Its a long shot but...

    does anyone know if I can get replacement plastics for a '79 yz 250?
  9. kirkpatrick

    Need 05-06 stock gas tank

    I'm not right now but I want to be a IMS or clarke tank so I may be soon
  10. you should definitley consider the 230. If not atleast the 150. I just bought one for my girlfried who is 5'4" and about 110lbs. She can handle it no problem.
  11. kirkpatrick

    adding a kick start to crf150

    When i bought my girlfriends 150 they said they could put one on for a couple hundred
  12. kirkpatrick

    What's this buzzing in my head???

    I would of done the sugar or took there gas.
  13. kirkpatrick

    Pocket Rocket Worth It?

    It would be cool to take one around a mx track.
  14. kirkpatrick


    more air will get in the cylinder and oxygen makes things burn hotter
  15. kirkpatrick

    Digging up a old topic

    try powdercoating them. I'm gonna do mine. I will post pics when I get it done