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  1. oldsoldier

    Any help would be appreciated

    I checked the voltage-13.5 - 14 while running...After it's hot the battery is almost dead, but recharges when I put it on the trickle charger overnite.Then it's fine till it gets hot again...
  2. oldsoldier

    Any help would be appreciated

    I recently bought an 01' DRZ 400E.I love it...Except for 1 little problem, hence the need for help.After riding for a couple of hours and the bike getting hot, the battery won't hold a charge.IE Won't start[no kick].After letting it sit overnight and putting it on a trickle charger,it starts and runs great.Then after it gets hot, nada...It has a new battery,I have replaced the wiring harness for the starter...I don't know what to do next...Any advice?